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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: LA Animal Services - Useless in Emergencies

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

LA Animal Services - Useless in Emergencies

As we are preparing to leave Los Angeles, I was reminded of the overpopulation and lack of concern shown by the city. If it's not their department, no one cares about a dying animal.

Last night PBX witnessed a cat being hit by an oncoming car. I missed it. But I did not miss seeing the suffering kitty, struggling to crawl to the side of the road. The hitter never stopped. We did. And it wasn't an easy choice.

For the first time ever, the peacemobile didn't have any towels, gloves, blankets, extra jackets or leashes in tow. Everything was at home being washed or tossed, since yesterday was my last day as a dog walker for a very long time.

All we had were the shirts on our backs.

PBX and I both called different phone numbers to find out just what to do with a suffering cat.
The nearest animal hospital was 20 minutes away.
Emergency-911 quickly transferred me to "the department who handles such cases."
That number was "no longer in service."

So I dialed 411 for information, looking for Los Angeles Animal Control. I was transferred and put on hold.

Meanwhile, We stayed with the cat, letting him see he wasn't alone. His struggling calmed down. I sat next to him. He was in and out of consciousness. I just kept breathing with him and letting him know he could let go if he felt ready. When I said that, his entire body relaxed.

I sat on hold with Animal Control for the remainder of the cat's life. By the time someone answered, the cat was taking his last breaths.

It didn't matter that I said the cat was brutally hit by a car, suffering on the side of the road and dying at my feet.

The person on the other end said he had to find out if I was in his jurisdiction.

I handed the phone to PBX so she could stay on hold with them while I talk to the cat.

Eventually the person returned on the phone and said it was out of his jurisdiction.

He transferred us.

again ... "the number you have reached is no longer in service."

All we could do was thank God the cat was no longer suffering. He didn't have to spend his last minutes alone. He was warm and cared for. He probably wouldn't have survived, even with the best veterinary attention. Our hope was to help end his misery. No one should be left to suffer.

Today I checked the Los Angeles Animal Services website. Nothing about saving hurt animals after hours, or from a cell phone. I even periodically visit the General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services Blog. Still no information about how to handle such a situation.


We live a block and a half away from one of the LA Animal Shelters. This is not the first time we've encountered a hurt, dying or dangerous animal in our area. We asked an officer to help us once and she handed us a card of the person to talk to during business hours. The animal in question was standing just around the corner.

I've called the phone numbers. After twenty minutes on hold, I hung up.

Very disappointing, discouraging and frustrating.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:29 PM) : 

Hey Trish,
RC here. That was a very, very said experience to read about. Thank God that you guys were there. Many people don't have the "Animal" connection and understand the love and care that some people have. What a wonderful thing to read about and to know that such love still exists.
Hugs Girl,


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:30 PM) : 

I meant sad experience. Perhaps I should proofread.
::Rolling Eyes::


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