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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Out With the New ...

... in with the newer.

Things change on a dime around here. Seems every time I post an update, the update needs to be updated. So for now I'll just say, the new housemate moved out. And newer housemates moved in.

Looks like we'll be on the road sooner than anticipated. Perhaps as soon as May 11th.

Um, that's in three weeks.

cue sudden heart palpitations!

Yeah, we'll see how the end of this month plays out. For now, we're still trying to figure out how to downsize everything. Both extra rooms have been cleared of our stuff. We are proving to ourselves that we can indeed live atop piles of stuff. Surrounded by crates, shelves, books, clothing and office equipment. Not to mention two dogs, a cat and all their toys.

We have a single closet that today resembles a clown car. I don't know how PBX keeps fitting bags, boxes, linens and things in there, but it's like a black hole.

And god help us if there's an earthquake.

Reminds me - to do: secure shelves to walls sooner than later.

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Comments on "Out With the New ..."


Blogger gigi said ... (3:29 PM) : 

It sounds like a game of musical roomies over there. What fun! ;)But yikes! May 11! So soon... :(

What's that you say? This isn't about me? Oh, very well.

In that case, I'm so excited for you, sweetie! New place, new home; personal and creative growth through education and broadened horizons, including new venues for your art ~ these are indeed thrilling times. Yay!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:10 AM) : 

I've read back a whole bunch of entries...and still can't figure it out. Why are you moving back to NH? LOL.... Thinking you will so miss the fast pace and night life of LA...

Sounds like all is well and life is busy. Hope you'll write about your adventure to NH, should definitely be exciting riding cross country. I think half the fun is getting there. : ) I'm going cross country this year too...Flying out to Portland and then down to San Fran.

Michelle aka s0ngbird


Blogger Trish said ... (9:20 AM) : 

Gigi - don't you know darling, it's always about you! I'm so sorry to leave you so soon. But we will be coming back sometime this summer - for business and pleasure. :D

Michelle - Among other reasons, our main reason for going to NH is to be near PBX-Jr for an extended period of time. And, most importantly - WE'RE COMING BACK TO LA. The "move" is temporary. A 7-month adventure.

Enjoy your trip! Very exciting.


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