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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Wasp Makes Not for a Healthy Meal

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wasp Makes Not for a Healthy Meal

Piper spent the night in complete and total discomfort, throwing up every thirty minutes. Little sicky boy.

He would rest for a few minutes then wander around to find some obscure (or not-so-obscure) place to spit up. I spent the night trailing him with the roll of paper towels and Nature's Miracle.

His little whines and groans were heart-breaking.

He let me pick him up and he'd rest his little face on my shoulder -- something he usually only does with his mama.

I'm his mauntie (mama-auntie). Since his mama's away, he'll take me. He'll let me love him. So much that, with the exception of last night, he's been sleeping on my head all week. On my face. Practically in my mouth. He just can't get close enough. Even Hunny curls up close to us. Which means I still don't get to stretch out on the bed.

I spent last night massaging his throat and stomach, stroking his head. So much like a little human boy.

I just wish he could've told me what was going on. I'm always telling him to use his words when he's trying to tell us something. He understands English. He just can't speak it. And I think it kills him that we don't always understand his language.

I couldn't figure out what he had gotten into. I thought maybe a spider until I nearly stepped in one of his many little treasure-piles I had missed from the night.

Looks like he had thrown up the carcass of a baby wasp.

Gasp! A wasp! Baby or not, it was a wasp. Piper weighs seven pounds soaking wet. No wonder he's so out of sorts.

I searched for a stinger - needle in a haystack. I don't notice any visible swelling, nor is he having difficulty breathing. He's just uncomfortable. Miserable.

He's doing better than last night but still very timid and unable to eat his food. He turned down yogurt, tuna, chicken, lamb, rice and cat food. Proof that we have a little sicky on our hands. But he drank a tiny bit of water and finally ate a few nibbles of freeze-dried liver treats.

After that, he was spent.

Lots of loving, healing thoughts for the littlest boy please. We could all use a good night's sleep tonight.

UPDATE: Sunday 3/18

Another rough night for the boy. Thirty-six hours is just too long for a little guy to lose so much fluid.

So we spent the day in the emergency vet hospital. Piper was dehydrated and shivering with a below-normal temperature. They injected fluids under his skin and gave him a shot of benadryl. We were sent home with a bottle of antibiotics, a scrip for pepcid ac and specific feeding instructions. If he gets worse, I'm to bring him in again for full tests (x-rays, blood panel, etc.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:31 PM) : 

the poor little guy.
thoughts & prayers that he gets feeling better! i worry about tink too--she's only 5.5 lbs dripping wet. :[ ♥


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