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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Trauma in Triage

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trauma in Triage

I'm not so sure it was the wasp.

Piper started feeling better for a day but this morning he was right back to vomiting - constant vomiting. Too much for a little one. On the way to the vet, he was vomiting foam.

Not a good sign.

Baaaaabyyyy....hang in there!!!

So little sicky-boy is back in the hospital - this time for overnight observation. He's on IV fluids, severely dehydrated. His x-rays came back clear - no obvious obstruction. We're waiting on blood work.

The vet is confident this is NOT a case of poison food death. He and colleagues have been presented with their first cases of these deaths. So it's here. And it's real.

Apparently the killer signs of these food poison attacks start (and end) with kidney failure. Piper's kidneys are healthy at this moment. A very good sign for the little guy.

It's tricky though, because it was Hunny I was most concerned about at first this morning. Shaking, almost seizure-like and then vomiting - three times in ten minutes. This was first thing in the morning. No food or water. Just woke up that way.

Things seemed to calm down for a moment. I was about to leave the kids at home while I walked other dogs.

As I prepared to leave, Piper started struggling. Kills me to think what might have happened if I left them at home alone. Had he started vomiting ten minutes later, I would've been gone and he would've struggled on his own.

Oh the ache.

Once Piper began vomiting, Hunny's symptoms stopped. It may sound crazy but I believe she may have been trying to tell me how sick Piper was. Like she was carrying some of his pain.

Still, we're taking no chances. The vet checked Hunny and said to monitor her for 24 hours. No food and only very little water. Bland diet tomorrow. Poor girl. She's so hungry.

Hunny's finally able to rest. She was pacing for quite a while here.

As for Miss Gracie-kitty. In addition to her main course, she ate left-over dog food, then spent the afternoon ruling her queendom in the yard.

Clearly she's torn up about the whole thing.

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Comments on "Trauma in Triage"


Blogger Robbie said ... (7:21 PM) : 

Oh the poor pups! My heart goes out to them and you! Gracie seems to be managing just fine but she gets my love too, regardless.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:32 PM) : 

Let us know what happens.
I'll be thinking of them.
It's hell when a pet is sick, i know. :[ ♥


Blogger Carly said ... (2:49 AM) : 

Oh Trish!

I am so sorry. Elvis, Alan and I will be thinking good, strong healing thoughts your puppy's way. Sigh. Elvis is a real caretaker, he would come give you a hug and pat your tears. He hates tears.

Hugs, Carly


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