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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Ruff Dog Park Day

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ruff Dog Park Day

It was a rough (ruff) day with the pack. The insane wind. The creepy rain. The crazy-violent energy. Really took a lot out of me.

First, I had six leashes for six dogs when we arrived at the dog park. Unloading the PeaceMobile, I noticed one leash was NOT clipped to a dog.

Quick head-count -- only FIVE present!

I flipped around, searching, thinking, then calling B-E-C-K-E-T-T-!!

From out of nowhere, Beckett sprinted fast and far - away from us - toward the dog park - toward the street.

There was no turning back for him. I covered his ass in white light as I screamed for him to stop.

no stop.

and luckily - no cars.

He was GONE.

That was heart-attack number one!

Next, there was one guy in the "big dog" side of the park. His dog was aggressive and wanted a piece of Beckett every time I threw the ball. I had to keep moving away from him. At one point, the dog had gotten a momentary hold of Beckett's scruff. I stopped all play and searched Beckett's neck through and through.

Just wet. No blood.

The guy kept calling for his dog but never (never!) disciplined nor made him stop the aggressive behavior. I tried addressing the guy, asking what his dog's name was. He wouldn't look my way, nor did he respond.

I'm all-too familiar with this personality type at the dog park. In the past, I might've engaged in some kind of argument. I've learned my lesson.

I bit my tongue, leashed my dogs and brought them to the "small dog" side of the park.

There were two other small dogs there - both with big, um, boy-parts. Quite the feeding frenzy. Hunny loves real boys.

In an instant, a black cloud hovered over the park. It rained for ten minutes. Only there. And only on us.

The angry man left with his aggressive dog.

NEXT, A (description deleted) woman came to the small dog park with a bulldog on a leash. The first thing she said was, "This one is aggressive, so I can't take off his leash."

Of course, all my dogs think he's fair game. So we spent a few minutes moving everyone away from her dog.

Then she asked (and i swear), "Could you hold your dog for a sec so I can throw the ball for my dog? If other dogs start running, he will bite them."

Um. No.

I repeated her question, to be sure I got it right.

She nodded.

I said, "We can't hold our dogs back. They will chase your dog. This is an off-leash dog park for non-aggressive dogs. If you are concerned about your dog's ability to be social with other dogs, maybe this isn't the place for your dog."

She looked a little confused and tried to ask the same question, as if I didn't understand her.

Realizing there might be some craziness here, I offered to take my pack back to the big-dog area, now that it's empty. She was kindly willing enough to go over there with her dog instead.

When another dog owner tried to enter the park, she flipped out, "Be careful. My dog's aggressive. Don't come in." She begged us to ask others not to enter until she got her dog out of the park. As she's saying this, she's dragging her growling bulldog across the park by the teeth.

Meanwhile, tossing the ball for Beckett on our side of the park, I noticed blood dripping down his ear!


I brought him to the water fountain and squatted to clean his ear.

Who shows up at the fountain? The bulldog!

There he was, dragging the woman toward us. She thinks she's going to help by holding the faucet nob.

The bulldog (of course) thinks it's lunch time and Beckett is the main course.

They got way too close. Dogs were panicking all around me.

Blood. Rain. Wind. Too much stimulus.

I stopped everything, stood up, put my bloody hands in her face and firmly stated, "NO. Please don't. You are not helping. Step back."

I have no idea where she went. Another dog owner came to help with the water. We rinsed Beckett's ear and saw a small slit at the bottom of his lobe. Minuscule.

I don't know what time it was - but it was time to leave.

We filed out and got to the car with no problems - until one of my smallest dogs snapped at Piper.

Oh no mister! Not in my car! Not at my dog!

Everyone got a timeout.

Even me.

It was a peaceful, quiet, sunny drive home.


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Blogger BAF said ... (2:54 AM) : 

Crazy stuff - how much did you say you earn 'walking the dogs'??

Take it Easy - Brenda


Blogger Donna said ... (3:47 AM) : 

You make me very thankful that I have a pasture in which to let my dog, Sadie, run every day.


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