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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: PPP Rant 2

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Monday, March 05, 2007

PPP Rant 2

FYI - I am NOT being paid for this post.

I've been frustrated with payperpost lately. There have been changes that disqualify many Posties like me from participating in opportunities.

At first it was just a few of the exclusive "high paying" opps. Now it seems I only qualify for a handful of low paying opps that require two and three hundred words.

All because I have a low Alexa ranking. Actually, it's a high ranking, because the lower the number, the better your score.

Different from Google Page Rank. I have a Google PR4 (out of 10). Which is decent enough. The problem is, I don't even use Alexa. There isn't a toolbar for my web browser, Firefox. Alexa is an Internet Explorer thing.

It's also like a Nielson's Ratings Box. Some families have one. Some don't.

So until more people use the Alexa toolbar while surfing through my blog, I will remain one of the "excluded" Posties.

If you use IE, please consider downloading the Alexa toolbar. It will help with all of our ratings. And it will give a more accurate recording of who's visiting who. (whom?)

These opps that I do not qualify for (I'm "just outside the box") would allow me to blog more often. Not only do they pay very well, but they are interesting and fun.

For now, It's slim pickings.

Remember, when reading my blog, if you come across a PayPerPost ad and you hate it, just skip it.

Bobby, creator of the Random Blog Button and author of Bestest Blog Of All Time, created a wonderful html code for his blog. His visitors can click on one single link to minimize all of his PPP ads on his front page.

It's wonderful -- as if they don't exist. Only the title of the post appears. You have the option to expand the post if you find a title that interests you. Way better than skimming.

I've asked him if he'd share the code with us. He's good like that. He's also the guy I signed up with PPP through. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have known about the benefits of PayPerPost.

Again, for clarity, I'm not being paid for this post. I just wanted to express my grave disappointment in PPP's segregation they call segmentation. I've made them a lot of money so they could impose exclusivity.

Oh, and one open issue is their lag time. My last post for them was eight days ago. It still hasn't been reviewed for approval yet.

When I discussed this with the Director of Customer Love (no shit) she danced around the core of the subject and answered questions I didn't ask. Granted, she was pleasant and spent a lot of time going back and forth in email with me - especially when she received my Better Business Bureau complaint.

When I finally said, "You still haven't answered my original question." She informed me that she has spent enough time on this and anything else would be a waste of valuable resources.

So, until my questions are answered, my Better Business Bureau complaint remains open.

I like PPP but that doesn't mean we should accept poor treatment.

That's all.

Rant over.

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Comments on "PPP Rant 2"


Blogger michaelejahn said ... (5:32 PM) : 

I do not think you fully understand what a 'page rank' means, or what Alexa is actually reporting. You Blog may contain seveal things that Google likes, but that matters little really - what means something is 'how likely it is that if i search for "Dog Walker Los Angeles" that I would find you ? Do you not really understand why someone would pay you to post about something ? I mean, you are saying you are a dog walker - how is a dog walkers blog post going to drive people to my web site ?

that is the issue...


Blogger Trish said ... (7:14 PM) : 

You know what I love more than ranting about PPP? When a random guy from the internet stumbles upon my personal blog and insults me, my intelligence and my profession. That rocks.

I know exactly what "page rank" is and what Alexa is reporting.

Who cares what I do for a living? My readers aren't here for my dog walking techniques.

This is a personal blog. I happen to be a dog walker. A musician. A sister. A friend. A vanilla latte loving, peace-seeking freak of nature.

And I'm a consumer.

THAT's why my posts would drive people to your web site. That is assuming, of course, that I choose to post about your site.


Blogger Steven said ... (5:00 PM) : 

Sounds like more of the same (delays in review) from PayPerPost with now additional hurdles of Alexa ranking.

I'm still troubled by the delays and then rejections as there is a transaction occurring where the middleman and the advertiser receive a benefit while the worker receives no benefit. The longer the delay, the greater the possible benefit for the advertiser.

Can't help you with Alexa. In some circles the Alexia toolbar is considered spyware. At least in my Spybot-Search and Destroy app :-)


Blogger LJP said ... (6:40 PM) : 

I am happy to report I am surfing your site with the Alexa toolbar. I'll blogroll you as well. Would you like to exchange links? I have a shopping blog (PR 3 at present) and I'm in a similar Alexa situation!
Kind Regards


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