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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Polarized Sunglasses - paid review

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Polarized Sunglasses - paid review

the following is a paid review.

When shopping for accessories, there are two things that can stop me dead in my tracks - wristwatches and sunglasses. It never fails. My problem is, sunglasses don't look as good on my face as they do on the shelves. I believe there is a "perfect" style for everyone. I'm still on the lookout for mine.

I tend to stick to the big, gaudy-looking ones. Mostly because, as a dog walker, I spend my entire day in the sun. I need coverage. What I'd like is coverage with style.

If only Polarized Sunglasses would make me look like the models on the site. Here is a style and shade of lens that usually works for me but I'd be compromising on coverage. These would have to be my off-work glasses. I couldn't afford to have one of the dogs chew these up. Nor would I want them to fall in a pit of dust at the dog park.

Right now I'm wearing the el cheapo plastic kind. They are totally scratched and scuffed. I can hardly see through them. When I try on good quality sunglasses, I wonder how I ever get through my days behind the scuffed lens I wear now.

I love the look of these. Stylish, retro and plenty of coverage. I also like the kind that come with a removable foam eye seal. Perfect for keeping dust out of my eyes. I could've used these all week, as temps are rising and the dog park is dessert-dry.

I'm not big on name brands but it's cool to have the option to Search by Manufacturer. All the manufacturer's names are listed along the left hand column of the homepage, for easy search. Without that option, I never would've noticed Bolle Dirty 8. Very chic. Oh and I love how I can do a Search by Activity. Let's see ... high-impact sports? no, wait. Here we go ... In-Between Sports: Fashion/Casual. Totally me!

To learn more about Polarized Lenses, ADS Sports Eyewear offers an entire section of valuable information.

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Blogger aims said ... (6:38 AM) : 

I cannot for the life of me, find a pair of glasses (reading or sun) that I love. I have the weirdest face shape, ever. LoL!

very nice review, btw!

luv ya!


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