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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Where Are All the Girls?

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Where Are All the Girls?

Back in the 90s -- damn, I say that like it was a long time ago.

I guess it was.

In the early 90s I was a young recent college grad, spending every free moment with my then future husband, planning how we would spend the rest of our lives together.

It didn't go quite as planned.

Instead he left me for the woman who became the mother of his three children.

Today I'm happy to say that they are spending their lives together. I might have killed myself.

Marriage wasn't for me. Apparently, neither were men.

So I packed everything I could into my car and drove to Los Angeles (from Massachusetts). I basically never looked back.


Not quite.

It may read like a Boys On The Side empowerment story. But I was more of a wounded puppydog, heartbroken for many years. If I couldn't have him, I didn't want anyone! Sadly pathetic. the mid-to-late-90s I was exploring the West Hollywood club scene. I remember wall-to-wall girls at places like Girl Bar and The Palms. Two totally different clubs. The former played crappy house or techno music for hot young size-zero girls to swing on poles. The latter played fun music from all eras for women of all sizes & ages to drink, dance and socialize. Those were the only two options that we knew of -- and they were always jam-packed.

What happened between '97 and '07?

We went to The Palms with friends last weekend. It was like a ghost town. Loud music made it impossible to carry on conversation.

For the first two hours, a handful of patrons stuck by their coats and drinks, leaving an otherwise empty dance floor. We were told it would start picking up around 10. Ten came and we were told 10:30...then 11.

We didn't leave till midnight and there was still plenty of room to dance without stepping on anyone's toes. Seriously, if you've ever seen me dance you know what I'm talking about. Tequila helps ... and there was plenty of it to help me care less about how I dance.

As much as I don't mind a small crowd, we were with a couple of friends who were kind of on the lookout for hotties. I must admit, it's fun scoping out girls for friends. It's like shopping after you've already found the best pair of jeans for yourself. There's no pressure.

But scoping at The Palms the other night was like rummaging through a bargain basement on the last night of a close-out sale -- slim pickings!

Seriously, where was everyone? This is LA. It was Saturday night. Where can women dance, drink and socialize anymore? And don't tell me we have to go to Long Beach!

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Comments on "Where Are All the Girls?"


Blogger Robbie said ... (6:53 AM) : 

Well there you go.

One of the girls at work was telling me about a place in WH that her and another girl from work went to recently. If I remember to ask her, I'll let you know.

I was too busy to pay attention to the name because I was stunned to realize there was a segregation to gay bars. The Abbey and the Mother Load apparently aren't what the females want. Although, I quite enjoy the eye candy there myself, even if it doesn't enjoy me. :-)


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