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Friday, February 02, 2007

ppp - prepaid phones yes or no - ppp

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Raise your hand if you don't use a cell phone. It's difficult to remember the days before cell phones. I know it wasn't so long ago, but to me it's kind of like trying to remember how I kept myself entertained before my first home pc. Today my basic utility bills include dsl and my cell phone bill.

I've been with my cell phone provider now for almost two years. Before that, I was with a different provider. I wanted to shop around. The problem with that has been the long term commitment I've had to make with each. When my current contract expires, I'll be on to yet another provider.

I thought about looking into pre-paid cell phones. Actually, I did research a few years ago when I was in the market for a "better" plan. Turns out, there is no better plan than the ones that offer thousands of free minutes with a bunch of bells and whistles. I rely on my cell phone the way I rely on my legs. (I praise the day they invented rollover minutes!)

So now, I'm researching again. Wirefly offers a variety of choices. It helps greatly in my search for comparison. They seem to think pay-as-you-go are great cell phones for teens. Not the teens I know. My nephew got a new cell phone for Christmas and he went over his limit in calls and text messages (not including mobile-to-mobile) not long after New Years. And he's only 12.

Pre-paid phones seem to be best for those who rarely use a cell phone. Load it with 300 minutes for 30 bucks - use the minutes - load it up again. It's for those who leave it in the glove compartment of their car and use it in emergencies -- or to call from the front porch announcing their arrival when no one answers their knock at the door. (Sorry 'bout that Gi - we need a doorbell.)

It's also a great option for those who have damaged credit. Pre-paid phones are bought outright. You buy the phone and pay for the minutes before use. No contracts and no credit checks.

Great if you're a project manager or a producer. Say you're working a trade show with a team of folks for a short period of time. You can buy the phones and assign them to your team. When the show's done, you still have the phones and you're ready for your next show. No one wastes their personal phone minutes and your phones are a write-off. ...always thinking!

Yeah, so, not a bad idea.


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