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Monday, February 19, 2007

ppp - Hair Removal - ppp

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I'm such a dork. This post is right up my alley. I've talked about this before and now there's more incentive to get the ball rolling.

Being Italian, French and Irish (with a hint of Native American thrown in for good measure) this combo makes for beautiful thick hair. Yes, a blessing for the hair on my head. As for the rest of my body - not so much. How I wish I were one of you lovelies who can wear short shorts any time of the year without ever thinking about hair removal.

Oh please, this is not such a taboo subject anymore is it?

I used to have to shave daily if I wanted to wear shorts. Forget wearing bikinis. No razor came close enough without tearing skin. So I've been waxed, sugared and epilated.

Waxing takes time, money and energy. I can't do it myself because it's too messy and I'm way too wimpy. Fifteen minutes of a full leg waxing is all I need to feel smooth again. But with today's limited income, I haven't been able to afford a regular appointment. My hair is dark and thick so when it grows back, it shows. And it grows fast.

So I've been epilating for the past few years. I spent fifty bucks on a good quality epilator over three years ago and it's just now starting to show signs of slowing down and wearing out. That's a great deal! I used to spend forty bucks to get monthly waxes. Now with the epilator, I can do it on my own time and spend no extra money.

I try to do it once a week, just like a quick overall touch-up. If I do that consistently, then my legs stay basically hairless and the epilating rarely hurts. If I wait too long between times of epilating, it can get really painful.

What I'd really love is to be able to afford laser hair removal. Painless and semi-permanent. Especially on my lower legs. But definitely for the bikini line too. Not that it really matters. I choose not to wear a bikini because I'm more comfortable in shorts. But I'd like to have the option.

Permanent hair removal like electrolysis, scares the crap out of me because I've heard stories of the painful long process and how it ends up growing back. But I also know technology changes and improvements are made.

Another issue with removing thick dark hair from the root is the eventual grow-back - and the dreaded ingrown hairs! It's almost impossible to completely eliminate them but there are steps I take to deal with them. Like exfoliating and using skin cream. But there are products specifically for ingrown hair that I've never tried. I'm skeptical but curious. Anyone have experience with these products?


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I've officially removed you from my bloglines.

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Blogger Trish said ... (10:22 AM) : 

Goodbye Karen Sullivan. Thank you not for your continuous non-support and badgering in my blog.


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