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Thursday, February 15, 2007

ppp - Big Money Opps - ppp

the following is a sponsored review <---disclosure is required from all bloggers using payperpost! You will always be able to distinguish between a sponsored post and non-sponsored posts.

Just when I was doubting my affiliation with payperpost, they start improving their policies -- and increasing their high-paying opportunities. Unfortunately for me, my blog is only a PR4 so I don't yet qualify for these special highest-paying opps. But for those with heavier traffic and high rankings, some of the "big green" is up to $1000 for a single post. Just last week I saw three different opportunities listed over $75 each. Granted, these are not the "norm" when it comes to payperpost opportunities. But damn! It sure is incentive to spread the word about our blogs and work toward higher page rankings.

It's also true that payperpost takes less of a cut off the top from advertisers. Posties like me make more money that way. This post, for instance, is earning me $15 just to write honestly about the increasing value of payperpost - and the potential earnings.

I know, I keep hounding you to join PPP to see what I mean. I can't help it. It especially works out best when I actually make money blogging about things this easy.

The truth is, I like PPP. And many of their own opportunities (like this one) pay better than their advertisers. I'd rather blog about a service I believe in and know more about anyway. I almost can't believe everyone's not doing it already. It costs nothing to join and you get to pick the opportunities. Today there are over a hundred to choose from.

I've joined other pay-to-blog services and so far, none compare. PPP gives us the freedom to post whatever, whenever - no matter what the page ranking. I don't even take the fullest advantage of the service. I'm allowed to post three opportunities every day. Generally, I do about one a day - or every other day. Some days I just don't want to. Other days I'm full of energy to write. Luckily there's no pressure either way. Always the way I like things.

Yes, I've gone on enough. But I'll be back soon with another rave about PPP. Perhaps another rant too - it's all part of working out the kinks.


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