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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jesus Camp - God Help Us All

I've made it my mission to watch as many of the Oscar Nominated movies before the Awards this year. I have less than 24 hours to go.

So far I've seen Dreamgirls, Children of Men, Little Miss Sunshine, An Inconvenient Truth, Devil Wears Prada, Pirates of the Caribbean, United 93 and Cars. Sadly I won't see Little Children before tomorrow night.

I'm sitting here with copies of The Departed, Babel and I just loaded Jesus Camp into the DVD player.

* * *

I'm 15 minutes into Jesus Camp and already I've had to stop the DVD twice. This is going to be a tough one to to get through.

I grew up Catholic. I went to a Catholic school in my early elementary years. I remember sitting in church, listening to the sermon, looking around at my first-grade classmates, wondering if they were swallowing any of the words we were being fed.

Granted, Catholicism is a far cry from Evangelism. But still, I felt, even at age six, that I was being brainwashed. I just wanted to think and feel and know truth for myself!

Jesus Camp isn't missing any topic.

Global Warming
They laugh at Global Warming: We're not going to be on this earth much longer anyway, you know, 'cause Jesus is coming for us, so who cares?

Ironic that Jesus Camp would be competing head-to-head with An Inconvenient Truth (about global warming) in the same Oscar Award Category. Very exciting.

If God really had plans or dreams for all the unborn children to be born - um, they would be born. If God can speak through you and make you act a certain way then who's to say that God isn't taking over the body of the pregnant woman who has an abortion. Maybe it is part of God's plan. No one has the right to judge, right? Or so you say.

I must've missed the segment about capital punishment. Oh wait.

Thanks for pointing out again that a passage in the Bible may imply that one interpretation gives the idea that people of the same sex may not lie with eachother. Ooh, those little devils. Proof that straight is the way! Afterall, the Bible is God's work - written by mere mortals, but you know, God made them write it. An interesting read perhaps, but so was Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh and Emmanuel's Book.

Harry Potter
Apparently he's an evil warlock - the work of the devil himself. "If Harry Potter had lived during Biblical times he would have been put to death." (gasp!) Oh wait. Jesus was put to death in Biblical times....

Okay, okay, I'm just playing here. I'm not looking for a fight or debate or hateful responses. Hateful comments will be deleted so save your energy. Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

I am all for having a purpose in life. For believing in something. But the key word is believing. I must have counted five different people (kids and adults) in the movie saying they are here to train people - to make them believe - to fight God's War.

Is that peaceful? Is that tolerant? Is that loving? Is that compassionate? Is that God-like? I just don't believe war in the name of God was part of His original plan.

Live and let live. Love and let love. Laugh and let laugh.

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Comments on "Jesus Camp - God Help Us All"


Blogger Ted Cox said ... (2:31 AM) : 

I just watched Jesus Camp and it brought back my days in the Assemblies of God Church with the congregation trying to teach me to speak in the tongues. First they said it's a gift from the spirit, then when I couldn't do it they tried to teach it to me. I was 7 but I remember the thinking if God is giving it to me why do you have to teach it to me? It just seemed dishonest to claim you had recieved a miracle when it was just learned jibberish. In those days they told us unless we spoke in the tongues we were not saved, so as soon I was 12 I told my mom I wanted to try some other church. She let me go to the Methodist Church and there I remain. I saw the dishonesty in the tongues, and I relived it while watching all of the doctrinal misinformation running rampant in this documentary. Just consider that since this film was made Pator Haggert went down in flames (so to speak), and many Christians are comming to grips with the reality of global warming, and finally America is weary of the warring nature of President Bush. The people and things they believe in are turning out to be bogus. I am just glad that it was made so that real Christians who believe in the beattitudes know that there are charlatans trying to hijack Jesus for their own personal agenda of evil.


Blogger Lisa Marie said ... (9:49 AM) : 

I got about half way through it and didn't finish. It reminded me a lot of when I was young and had to go to things like that. It changes you and how you think when it's forced on you. I went to a christian school where Bible class was pushed much more than Math or English. I'm 36 now and still have friends from high school who don't go to church b/c it was shoved down our throats. I may rent it again just to finish it.


Blogger Trish said ... (11:18 AM) : 

Thanks Ted and Lisa Marie, for your replies. I can empathize with your words. I appreciate you both for sharing your stories. Glad to hear you have found a place that works for you Ted. And I'm similar to one of your friends from school Lisa Marie.

On another note: I said hate comments would be deleted but neglected to say the same about hate email.

I received a violent email from someone claiming to be a reverend -- calling me hateful names in the name of Jesus. It's people like him that keep Jesus and the churches down! It makes his whole congregation look like evil-doers. That's the unfortunate part!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:05 PM) : 

I suppose I should rent it so I can understand fully what you are saying. I am Catholic, and proud to be Catholic. I am open to many things, including abortion and homosexuality. There are a lot of things that I have done, in the eyes of the Catholic church, that more than like would damn me to hell. But tolerance was one of the main teachings from Jesus. Tolerance and non-judgement.

It'd be a miracle if any religious group would remember that.



Blogger Trish said ... (1:26 PM) : 

Heather - Agreed! Jesus=Tolerance

Thanks for that reminder. It's difficult to remember sometimes, when his "followers" are so rageful.

If you do rent this movie, I'd be interested to know your thoughts.


Blogger The Boisverts said ... (2:54 PM) : 

Hate that just because some people misuse Jesus' name and call themselves "Christians" (when they do not even know who God is really) that you consider all His "followers" to be "rageful."


Take care, Trish. God gave each of us our own free will to choose Him or reject Him; and it's so obvious that not only do you reject Him but reject those who follow Him. So much for "peace." It's really peace for only the people who agree with you, right?



Blogger Trish said ... (4:59 PM) : 

Hi Jen - I'm afraid you may have misunderstood my comment about "his followers" being "rageful". In this entry I'm referring to the the extreme judgments and scare tactics portrayed in this movie.

I also have a lot of personal experience with many of his followers who use threatening techniques to scare people into believing their ways. And shunning, ridiculing and condemning those of us who don't.

I don't "reject" Jesus - nor do I reject those who follow him. Jesus was a great man - flesh and blood.

I just choose to honor him in a different way.

I have great respect for those who treat others with respect, kindness, tolerance, compassion and love. To me, that is the true way to peace.

I realize this is a heated subject for many. More importantly, for you. I don't mean to offend you. Please try not to take my opinion of this movie personally.

We each have our own way of expressing our truest selves -- total opposite ends of the spectrum perhaps. Still we can love one another, just for being who we are.

So no, It's not "really peace for only those who agree with me." It's peace for those who feel peace.

Agree or not. It's not a matter of "agreeing" with each other. It's about speaking truth and hearing each other.

I'd also like to point out that even if I did believe everyone should agree with me, Jesus would be the first to find compassion for my scewed ways of thinking. He wouldn't just dismiss me and throw me to the curb.

Thank you for your comment. I hope it's not the last we've seen of you. I'm sorry to have hurt your feelings. It's not personal and we may have to agree to disagree on this subject.

Peace & Love,
Cousin Trish


Blogger Ben said ... (8:12 PM) : 

God is such a tricky subject. I finally came to the conclusion that I absolutely believe in God, and absolutely do NOT believe in the Church. The bible I take with a grain of salt.

The bottom line is it was written by man. You can inspire with the Holy Spirit all you want, Satan is still going to get his two cents in there. God doesn't hate gay people. God doesn't hate.

I also don't believe for a second that God has a plan for any of us. That would sort of defeat the purpose of free will, wouldn't it? I think he knows how it will all pan out, but that doesn't mean he planned any of it.

Force-fed religion is why I hate the church so much. I need to start my own, I think. I've never been to a church where something wasn't said that offended me within 3 weeks.

I'll never watch that movie. I've been exposed to enough kooks to know what it's all about.


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