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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I'm so in the mood to write.

PBX came home with two full boxes of books yesterday. We have these wonderful clients - avid readers - who offered to loan us their been-read-pile. Apparently there are two more boxes she wasn't even able to get to, as perusing was turning into an all-day affair. Their dog certainly didn't seem to mind her being there for an extended visit.

So I rummaged through the first round and found a few interesting pieces.

I'm not an avid book reader. I love books - love em! I fantasize about sleeping with books. I could spend hours upon hours in a book store or library, just skimming titles, reviews and descriptions. But the moment I open a book - a novel for instance - I get glossy-eyed and zone out, drifting off with my own version of how I was hoping the book would read. The texture, the print, the style, the first page, all have to feel comfortable and easy to sink into. Otherwise, it'll sit on the shelf till I sell it on Amazon, or the next yard sale.

I can't explain it. Perhaps it's part of my slow-reader syndrome. I panic when I see too many words on a page at once. If it doesn't feel comfortable in my hands or on my lap, I won't commit.

I'm finding Penguin books to be generally comfortable and non-threatening.

Now for the subject matter. As mentioned, novels are particularly difficult for me. I'd much rather watch the movie. It's always been the case. I survived high school and college without actually reading a full novel. We were assigned many! And I passed - and wrote A-papers on most. Lit like Brave New World, Animal Farm and 1984 became some of my favorites - not because of how they read. Because of our class discussions.

Similarly, when I find a story I think I might like today, I have the Internet to replace class discussions.

Moving on ... I'm learning that my favorite kind of writing is in the first-person. If it's an actual memoir or journal, even better. As I look back to my childhood, the only books that were able to hold my attention were written by Judy Blume. All of her stories are written in the first person - as if we're on the journey with the main character.

That's probably why I write the way I write. And probably why I love reading blogs and online journals. Most are opinion-based or personal accounts of daily life. These are most inspiring.

So we'll see which books in these piles I actually get through. Currenlty, I'm on page 22 of one now. Putting a book down is a crap shoot. I have good intentions - but I also have Netflix, DishTV, blogs, Internet searches and my own writing to do. Not to mention a life to live - which, I know, is all inclusive!

Speaking of living a life - we saw Dreamgirls last night. Fucking fabulous! I was a weepy, cheering mess. Go Jennifer Hudson!


Comments on "ABCs"


Anonymous Michelle s0ngbird1962 said ... (8:06 AM) : 

Hey Freee! I saw Dreamgirls last week. (Actually talked Mike into going to see it with me, lol). I thought it was GREAT too! I was blown away actually....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:48 PM) : 

I am glad your interest in books and writing has changed. Remember when all you would write was your signature? Cousin M


Blogger Trish said ... (11:56 AM) : 

Michelle - Ah yes, blown away, good way to describe how I felt during "And I am Telling You..." scene! What did Mike think of it?

Cousin M - Ahh, the good old days. how could i forget with your sweet reminders? ;) I'm so sick of writing my signature these days - it's hardly legible anymore.


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