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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: February 2007

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sentimental Journey

I've been reading over some older blog posts from back when they were called journal entries. I miss the old community more than I realized.

Where is everybody?

We were all so displaced back when the blog platform bombed our neighborhoods (by placing flashing banner ads atop our paid journals).

You know, I'm still a teeny tiny bit bitter about that. Even when I go to my old stomping grounds and see the banner ad, it's not nearly as obtrusive as the tacky grammatically inaccurate disclaimer they haphazardly posted under the ads. It's embarrassing.

I mind it much less today because I no longer pay for the service. It's just there. Free as can be. Now they have the "right" to tag our pages however they see fit.

That was my reason for switching to Blogger oh-so-long-ago. We don't pay for this service and Blogger has never (yet) imposed any of their advertising onto our pages. We promote Blogger because they provide us with an incredible (free) platform to express ourselves to the world (or to a few hundred people a day).

My nostalgia has been part of my desire for template changes in here. Things are going slower than slow in that department. I just don't know what I'm doing, so it makes it more difficult to make the changes I want. I can see it all in my head -- but that's about as far as I get.

Colors will change again. I'm looking forward to my signature-orange-ish-ness.

More later.

It's all part of the process.


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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday already?

I've been working on templates. Still can't get the "new blogger" stuff to look the way I want. So the "old blogger" template stays, along with all the messy coding. Bleh. If only I had a clue.

I'm exhausted.

We got caught up on some tv shows last night. I'm spoiled with DishNetwork. No longer a slave to tv. Well, not a slave to the schedule.

Before Dish, I missed a lot of junk on tv. Now I get to see it all. My favorite part is fast-forwarding through commercials and boring segments.

It's like skimming through blog entries. (right folks?)

Hey Auntie - We're watching The Amazing Race this season. We're crushed to find out we just missed the deadline to apply for next season. But I'm not giving up hope yet. There will be many seasons to come.

I'm about to close up shop here and do some personal writing.

Feels good to have the guitar in my arms again too. Just gotta build up the callouses again. That's the price I pay for slacking off ... or, as I like to call it, honing my craft.

Nothing new from ppp either. I've exhausted most of the opportunities I qualify for. I haven't seen a new opportunity for (PR4 blogs like mine) listed in over two weeks.

Grim. A lot like my financial situation.


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Sunday, February 25, 2007

What To Do When You're The Only One Not Watching the Oscars

I'm officially on IMDb.

Just trying to keep myself occupied.

Everyone's watching the Oscars except us.

We're recording the Oscars, The L Word and The Amazing Race tonight. PBX is still two hours away, returning from a weekend film shoot.

I should watch The Departed.

I still have to train my brain.

And shower.

See? Plenty to do.


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myLot Buttons

Okay myLot friends. Here are some homemade buttons for your blogs and websites. See what happens - I asked and you shall receive.

Here's how it works - you copy/paste the button onto your own computer then upload it somewhere (flickr, yahoo pictures, your own website, etc). THEN you link to it using your own referral information.

Do not link directly to/from these buttons as they are connected to my referral page and I would receive all of your referral cashola. I would deserve it too - since linking to an image from someone else's website is a huge no-no in the web-world.

As you can see, I got really carried away with colors and sizes. I wanted options - so you benefit!

The buttons are free to use (made by yours truly) but I would appreciate a link back or a high-five. Something letting me know you care. Thanks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm no pro but I'll do my best to answer.

Have fun. See you on the boards!


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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Jesus Camp - God Help Us All

I've made it my mission to watch as many of the Oscar Nominated movies before the Awards this year. I have less than 24 hours to go.

So far I've seen Dreamgirls, Children of Men, Little Miss Sunshine, An Inconvenient Truth, Devil Wears Prada, Pirates of the Caribbean, United 93 and Cars. Sadly I won't see Little Children before tomorrow night.

I'm sitting here with copies of The Departed, Babel and I just loaded Jesus Camp into the DVD player.

* * *

I'm 15 minutes into Jesus Camp and already I've had to stop the DVD twice. This is going to be a tough one to to get through.

I grew up Catholic. I went to a Catholic school in my early elementary years. I remember sitting in church, listening to the sermon, looking around at my first-grade classmates, wondering if they were swallowing any of the words we were being fed.

Granted, Catholicism is a far cry from Evangelism. But still, I felt, even at age six, that I was being brainwashed. I just wanted to think and feel and know truth for myself!

Jesus Camp isn't missing any topic.

Global Warming
They laugh at Global Warming: We're not going to be on this earth much longer anyway, you know, 'cause Jesus is coming for us, so who cares?

Ironic that Jesus Camp would be competing head-to-head with An Inconvenient Truth (about global warming) in the same Oscar Award Category. Very exciting.

If God really had plans or dreams for all the unborn children to be born - um, they would be born. If God can speak through you and make you act a certain way then who's to say that God isn't taking over the body of the pregnant woman who has an abortion. Maybe it is part of God's plan. No one has the right to judge, right? Or so you say.

I must've missed the segment about capital punishment. Oh wait.

Thanks for pointing out again that a passage in the Bible may imply that one interpretation gives the idea that people of the same sex may not lie with eachother. Ooh, those little devils. Proof that straight is the way! Afterall, the Bible is God's work - written by mere mortals, but you know, God made them write it. An interesting read perhaps, but so was Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh and Emmanuel's Book.

Harry Potter
Apparently he's an evil warlock - the work of the devil himself. "If Harry Potter had lived during Biblical times he would have been put to death." (gasp!) Oh wait. Jesus was put to death in Biblical times....

Okay, okay, I'm just playing here. I'm not looking for a fight or debate or hateful responses. Hateful comments will be deleted so save your energy. Thoughts and opinions are welcome.

I am all for having a purpose in life. For believing in something. But the key word is believing. I must have counted five different people (kids and adults) in the movie saying they are here to train people - to make them believe - to fight God's War.

Is that peaceful? Is that tolerant? Is that loving? Is that compassionate? Is that God-like? I just don't believe war in the name of God was part of His original plan.

Live and let live. Love and let love. Laugh and let laugh.

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More Coding Help!

I'm spending way too much time on this.

Does anyone (Steven?) know how to set the fonts in my blog template so they will actually look the way I want them to???

I want the links in my sidebar to be Trebuchet MS (normal, not bold)

I want text in my sidebar to be Verdana (like it appears now, i think)

I want the text in my posts to be Verdana (like this?)

And I want a completely different font all together for my blog title! (fyi: that ain't it)

The other thing I'm focusing on is the new blogger's templates. I like the ease of them, but I want a left and right sidebar like I have now (not offered by blogger).

Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there. These bold verdana links surrounding my posts are suffocating me. ;)

Thanks folks.

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ppp - Dubai - ppp


Sometimes I fantasize about buying property all over the globe so I'll have a place to call home when I get somewhere that's otherwise unfamiliar. Dubai could be one of those places.

With artificial islands like "The World" made up of tiny islands in the shape of the actual world, surrounded by the Persain Gulf. Or the palm dubai that, from the sky, looks like a perfectly shaped palm tree in the sea.

Not sure about the longevity of these artificial islands. After all, they are artificial. But it couldn't hurt to check them out.


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Friday, February 23, 2007


Learning as I go.

A few months ago I uploaded two of my live performance videos to the Revver site. (no link because the site takes too long to load). My videos were watched a few times by friends and family, and I've made about six bucks from those of you who actually clicked the attached ads - which means, you actually watched the entire video. (thanks guys!)

So today, during my blog-jog, Mike, wrote about Metacafe, another video sharing website. After a little link-hopping, it seemed like a good idea to at least check it out.

I have no information other than this: my videos were viewed more times in one hour on Metacafe than they have been the entire time they've been sitting on revver. The number of views keeps rising and I haven't done a lick of promotion (well, till now).

Metacafe's pages load way faster and the site is much more user friendly than Revver. (Revver is so damn slow. I avoid it at all costs. Not good for business.)

So far, two of my three music videos have been approved as a Producer Rewards Candidate. What's that you ask? Basically it means folks are watching, rating and liking my videos. And yes, after so many views, I stand to earn some money.

I'm about to check if there's a video widget for my sidebar. That other one is the last to load on J2P and slows things down around here.

I'll upload three more videos from that night of performance. For now please Watch and Rate the few that are there:


I'll certainly keep you posted on the status of this site.

Thanks all. Peace.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The sell-out Debate

I got this inquisitive comment from new J2P visitor, Cranky Monkey (love that name, by the way.)
I like the layout of your blog, but don’t you feel like a bit of a sellout though doing mostly PPP blog postings? I recently signed up and have only done three so far, but I feel I might loose a certain level of creditability by doing the paid advertisements more.
First things first - Thank you CM for the compliment on my blog's layout. I appreciate reading that.

Now, on to the more important issue.

I have mixed feelings about the paid reviews I've been doing in J2P.

If I were independently wealthy I could sit here and blog all day, ad-free. But alas, I'm not. I'm a working-class gal trying to make ends meet. The added income from payperpost has allowed me to take care of a few things that had previously been sitting on the back-burner.

Here's how I see it.

For every paid post I write, I have to write a non-paid post. This is what has helped inspire me to write on a more regular basis. It has been partly through my involvement with payperpost that I've rediscovered the joy of daily blogging.

I try to view payperpost opportunities as "topic suggestions" -- in that, it encourages me to write about something I may not have thought of myself. Whatever the topic, the content is always truthful and in the J2P spirit.

There are some things you will never see supported in J2P, because I will never personally support them. Namely services, products or groups that I believe promote intolerance, violence or discrimination.

That's the thing about payperpost - I am in total control. I choose the topic and I write the content.

So no, I don't feel like a sell-out because everything I post is in my own words. My style. My honest opinion.

Another factor is that PPP pays the most. When I find something more exciting, with better opportunities, that pays more, I might reconsider my choice to be a Postie. For now though, the paid reviews will stay. I'm interested in upgrading my computer so I can continue to blog through the century, and ad revenue will help me do that.

I hope that answers your question CM. But hey, I'm just one person. Do what works best for you.

This goes for every blogger - If you don't feel right about the content in your blog, it will show in your posts. If you believe in your words, trust your gut and enjoy the blogging experience, it will show and you will shine.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

try PPP for yourself. click this button and get paid $7.50 to review my post.

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ppp - Cartoon Dolls and Avatars - ppp


I don't even know where to begin with this one, but The Doll Palace seems to be a widely popular hangout. It's not my kind of thing but there is a slew of activities available. From Dress Up Games to creating your own Avatars. There are forums galore! And even a horoscope page.

It reminds me of the movie
Cars, in that everyone in that movie was a car. No humans. On this site, everyone is a Doll. Cute and sparkly. Well, except for this one on the left. She's a little scary.

I imagine my nine-year-old niece would love this place. Not only could she dress her virtual dolls but she could create her own - perhaps one that resembles herself, and a bunch more that resemble all of her friends.

Hmm...I also imagine my mother might enjoy a site like this. She's a doll collector and online maker of dolls. Does the whole doll-thing skip generations? As much as I loved my first doll, I just don't get excited about dolls anymore. Now, if I could create a skater-doll, that might be of interest to me. Hold on...lemme check.

Incredible! They have over 2.5 million doll-people registered on their site who have made almost 3 million dolls to date! This stuff blows my mind. (I can't seem to find skater-doll yet...still looking)

OMG - I got lost in all the cute dolls. What a dork. Okay, even for a non-doll person, this can be fun. There are peace dolls and pirate dolls and sporty dolls and ... Guess I'll have to go make my own! Just something to add to my "things to do during down-time" list.


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Wendy's Gift

In a previous life, in the not-so-distant-past, I was an active PTA-Mom. I spent more time in the elementary school than I did walking dogs.

I enjoyed every single minute of it. I miss it. But not nearly as much as I miss the child I loved and cared for (my ex's son). That child is now living his 8th grade dreams, with his hero (read: daddy) in the deep south. I will always love him.

As important as all that is, that's not the point of this entry. In the last few months I found out that my friend Wendy, one of the PTA parents I worked closely with (co-producing the annual lip-sync contest), has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

The news was a shock to my system. I can only imagine what it's been doing to hers. Wendy is a woman who has always been full of life - spending her days educating kids about the benefits of exercise and self-care. She's a dancer, in tip-top shape, an active mother of three and a loving wife, daughter and friend to many.

Today she is fighting an uphill battle, on the hunt for a bone marrow donor. Without a match, things feel overwhelming and grim to her. I've been reading her online journal.

She has been in and out of City of Hope, having stayed in for weeks at a time, with limited exposure to family and friends. City of Hope has strict visiting guidelines as it is a clean environment, most important for Wendy's healing process.

Friends of Wendy are organizing benefit events.

Free Dance Classes and Other Prizes on March 4th in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Details about a St. Patrick's Day event for Wendy in Niagara Falls, NY are soon to follow.

How can you help? Wendy and thousands of others are waiting for a matching bone marrow donor. In the US, testing is easier than brushing your teeth. A simple cotton swabbing of the cheek tells specialists everything they need to know about whether you are a match. You could save a life!

All the info you need can be found at Wendy's Gift but I'm happy to put it right here too!


Wendy loves people
- and at this stage of her healing, she can use all the support she can get. Please send her a message and let her know she's being thought of all over the world. Community is the greatest assistance to healing.


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ppp - Home Lighting - ppp


I was excited to see this review opportunity because we're currently looking for outdoor lighting at our new house. We have this huge backyard. At night, we can't see much of it. We've had lighting ideas and we're constantly looking for more.

As much as I would love to see something like this in our yard or on our front porch, I'm afraid we'll have to stick with string-lights from the drug store until one of us makes a hit movie or sells a hit song.

Okay, so it's not that expensive. It just seems it because I'm not used to having a house. Once we clear out the backyard (i.e. dig 3-feet into the ground and get rid of the bad soil) we can start thinking about fixtures like this.

Oh great, I ventured to the indoor selection and now I'm rooting for this gorgeous ceiling fan!

Get me out of here before I start changing the Bathroom Lights


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh I Give In - American Idol

This just in ...

American Idol finalist, Leslie Hunt, is a dog walker. Way to put us on the map girl!

. . .

So I resisted as long as possible. I had to watch tonight.

I missed Leslie's performance. But I was pleasantly surprised by quite a few very talented performances. Looks and sounds like it's going to be a strong competition this season -- for the women anyway. can't speak yet about the men.

Being a lifelong performer, I usually have much difficulty watching this show. The scrutiny. The agony. The fierce competition. The badgering. The egos. The pressure.

But the most frustrating part for me is the age limit!

I'm too old to compete but too young to judge.

Where does that leave me?

Blogging, I guess.

. . .

Hold the phone ... Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves a competition! LaKisha Jones just kicked some serious "And I Am Telling You..." ASS!!

Damn. I'm hooked.

click to review this post

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ppp - Lemon Free - ppp

the following is a sponsored review.

OMG - does anyone remember a few years ago (on my previous blog), the massive car search I was doing? I learned so much about the cars I was interested in that when I asked a Toyota salesman about the details of a certain pre-owned Honda on his lot, I had to set him straight with the accurate details. Needless to say, I walked off his lot with a smile.

I searched (and searched and searched) for the best deals - online and off. If I had known about Lemon Free back then, I might have spent even more time searching!

I just ran a search on the car I ended up buying three years ago. There are many Cars For Sale in all states across the US and throughout Canada. Both new and used.

I like the value of the Honda Civic. Although, I don't think I could fit more than five or six dogs in the sporty version. Perhaps I should go all out for the Ford Explorer.

Aha! I just found a reason to search longer - HYBRIDS!


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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Viewing J2P

For those of you who read my blog through Internet Explorer, I apologize for the weird display (thanks Gi for pointing it out). I see that the entire body of text is linked and it shouldn't be. I also see that the sidebars run off the pages. Alignment issues.

When it comes to templates and coding, I only know what I've experimented with. I can't figure out how to un-link the post text. And I don't know how to fix the alignment in the sidebars. If I fix everything for IE then it throws it all off for Firefox. And I've been viewing everything through Firefox because that's what I'm comfortable with.

Any suggestions will help. Thanks. For now, I'm sorry for the sloppiness in Explorer. I'm working on it.

If you'd like to view this blog the way it's meant to be seen, please click here to download the Firefox web browser with the Google Toolbar. If you haven't used Firefox, you don't know what you're missing. Once you know, you won't want to do without it. That's how I feel anyway.

And NO, they're not paying me to say this stuff. I personally support Firefox and Google.

but you can get paid $7.50 to review this post

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ppp - Cisco - ppp

the following is a sponsored review.

When taking care of business, there are two major aspects that I find most important to get the job done - no matter what the job. For me, as a dog walker, my office is my car (or on foot) so it would be most helpful to have wifi available wherever I am. I believe it's possible - just maybe not viable yet.

The second most important aspect to business relations is secure networking. The last thing any business needs is to be hacked into. I don't know much about setting this stuff up - but I know where to research. And I'd start here.

Cisco is perhaps a one-stop-shop for business solutions, products and support.


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I'm so out of sorts ...

At the dog park today I told someone that her Jack Russell Terrier has a sweet misdemeanor.

The woman smiled and thanked me as she was leaving.

I spent the next five minutes puzzled on my misused word.

misdemeanor? That can't be right.


demeanor! demeanor! That's the word!

If only I had chosen to comment on his mellow temperament.

Or how about, "Gee, he's calm for a jack russell."

No. I had to go for the gold.

Luckily the woman wasn't judging. Or was she?

Perhaps she's home blogging right now: "A dog walker told me my dog has a sweet misdemeanor - what a dumbass!"

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ppp - Bad Credit Repair - ppp

the following is a sponsored review.

Bad Credit Repair is something I've been avoiding my entire life. By the time I finished college, I already had damaged credit. I wasn't given the best education when it comes to finances. I'm like a kid, starting from scratch - but with bad credit.

CreditLoan is full of useful information on how to go about taking care of financial aches and pains. With a learning center for all kinds of credit issues to help plan for the future, this site is like having a personal financial planner on hand. Apply for loans to rebuild credit, consolidate existing loans to keep organized or get support and assistance through articles and vendors alike.

There's an abundance of helpful information to answer all of my finance questions. Everything is listed in a non-threatening way - something that I need, as bad credit cuts my self-esteem to the core. I'm putting this one in my favorites.


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Ugh. What is it with being human that makes it so difficult to overlook annoying gnats? I can have a home full of loving creatures, a loving partner and a boatload of loving friends and family members. Yet one insignificant little gnat comes along, gets lodged in my ear for a nano-second, and my emotions go flailing overboard.

I don't want to be bullied into changing the options in my comments because I don't want folks to feel like they are forced into creating a profile with blogspot just to leave a comment. But when a little anonymous gnat pisses in my comments, just for the sake of pissing, it's ... well ... it's ... pissy!

Interestingly I was able to name this little anonymous gnat because I could see her. So dear gnats, it's better to identify yourself in comments because even if you think I can't see you - I can. I don't know how many times I have to mention this but apparently once wasn't enough.

And if you don't like something about my blog, then by all means, go away. It takes less energy to click the little x than it does to leave a nasty cowardly comment.

Anyway I've given this way too much energy already.

I've been working my ass off trying to make my personal blog a peaceful haven for myself and this community. I'm sharing great finds on how we can all benefit from the Internet - how we can stick together as a community - and how we can possibly make a meager living doing what we love.

You know me, I've found a new venture. I will research this till it has satisfied my curiosity. The paid posts encourage me to post more non-paid posts. Even within the paid posts - they are my personal posts because they are my opinion, written in my own words. Read them or don't. Most of us skim anyway.

Rant over. Onward.

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ppp - just say hi - ppp

the following is a sponsored review, a free dating site, claims to have the same features of any paid dating site. I've never joined a dating site - paid nor free. But I've heard horror stories about some of the free ones out there.

I'm all for online social networking. I've met many good friends online. But when it comes to dating sites like this one with their
quick 60-second sign-up, how can they hold up to any claim of being a "good" free dating site?

The homepage shows a list of members, their images and subject lines full of spelling errors and omitted words.
Note to dating site members: Read your own profile - give it a once-over. Make sure your photo is not upsidedown. A first impression is all you have.

I agree that we need a "good free dating site" on the web. The site itself is off to a decent start. Search singles by city or state. Active message boards are available for community building with forums, polls and surveys.

If this site want to be the "best free dating site," I would consider making some simple changes like photo and profile approval. Some kind of authenticity verification. Make it look like a high quality paid site. Be selective about which profiles are featured on the home page (could create incentive for members to put a little effort into their profiles). And continue to hold up to their word of never asking for a credit card.


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Monday, February 19, 2007

Fun and Useful Info for Bloggers

So much - I almost don't know where to begin!

I spent all day Sunday exploring the web for fun, new ways to build readership. One link lead to another and after midnight I was cross-eyed on information overload.

To top it off, I was PayPerPost's Blog of the Day yesterday - so my hit counter was off the charts. A fun little surprise - right in the middle of "fighting" with them about approval/rejected turn-around time. It's still unfinished - even though the Customer Love department believes they have answered my question a hundred times over. More on that later.

Today, here's some fun and useful information for those interested in building readership (actual readership - not just random one-time hits) and one little bonus of increasing your paypal account on a daily basis.

MYLOT - A forum for all. Sign up, create a profile, list all of your interests in subcategories, post discussions, join discussions, refer others and (get this) get paid for all parts of your participation. I refer you and get paid. You refer others and we both get paid. You join discussions and get paid. I'm finding that I just like the discussions. The payment is a total bonus (twenty cents a day adds up).

Blog Advance - Mary, resident HippieGypsy, had this interesting badge on her sidebar. It led me to a multitude of blogs and information about building community and making a little extra cash while doing what we love. I'm still exploring but I do like the Manual Surf option. Every 30 seconds or so I click over to a new blog. Some blogs have been very informative. I think it was through Blog Advance that I found StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon - Almost like a search engine but possibly better. Download the toolbar, click "stumble" and view websites and blogs that pertain to your interests. Rate, save and share the ones you like. The more you rate (+ or -) the better the tool will work for you. Find sites pertaining to your interests and discard those of no interest to you. Share lists with friends, etc. Again, I'm brand new to this service. Still learning all it has to offer.

RateMyBlog - Seems to be fairly new. This gentleman found me through myLot and I like what he's doing. It's a community site - a place to review your favorite blogs. Sign up and review your own blog then ask folks to review your blog and watch it grow. Better than link-sharing. I can see this one skyrocketing. A growing database with that very blog you're looking for. Reminds me of when I do a product search. I skip right down to the user reviews. I hardly ever read manufacturers information anymore. It's all propaganda. The best advertising is word-of-mouth. I'm way more likely to listen to a peer's recommendation.

There you have it. That's what I've discovered so far. Still learning and having fun. I'll keep you posted.

Don't forget - you can earn $7.50 if you click the button and review this post.

Thanks to those who have joined me in this venture. The community is great! Peace all.

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ppp - Hair Removal - ppp

the following is a sponsored review

I'm such a dork. This post is right up my alley. I've talked about this before and now there's more incentive to get the ball rolling.

Being Italian, French and Irish (with a hint of Native American thrown in for good measure) this combo makes for beautiful thick hair. Yes, a blessing for the hair on my head. As for the rest of my body - not so much. How I wish I were one of you lovelies who can wear short shorts any time of the year without ever thinking about hair removal.

Oh please, this is not such a taboo subject anymore is it?

I used to have to shave daily if I wanted to wear shorts. Forget wearing bikinis. No razor came close enough without tearing skin. So I've been waxed, sugared and epilated.

Waxing takes time, money and energy. I can't do it myself because it's too messy and I'm way too wimpy. Fifteen minutes of a full leg waxing is all I need to feel smooth again. But with today's limited income, I haven't been able to afford a regular appointment. My hair is dark and thick so when it grows back, it shows. And it grows fast.

So I've been epilating for the past few years. I spent fifty bucks on a good quality epilator over three years ago and it's just now starting to show signs of slowing down and wearing out. That's a great deal! I used to spend forty bucks to get monthly waxes. Now with the epilator, I can do it on my own time and spend no extra money.

I try to do it once a week, just like a quick overall touch-up. If I do that consistently, then my legs stay basically hairless and the epilating rarely hurts. If I wait too long between times of epilating, it can get really painful.

What I'd really love is to be able to afford laser hair removal. Painless and semi-permanent. Especially on my lower legs. But definitely for the bikini line too. Not that it really matters. I choose not to wear a bikini because I'm more comfortable in shorts. But I'd like to have the option.

Permanent hair removal like electrolysis, scares the crap out of me because I've heard stories of the painful long process and how it ends up growing back. But I also know technology changes and improvements are made.

Another issue with removing thick dark hair from the root is the eventual grow-back - and the dreaded ingrown hairs! It's almost impossible to completely eliminate them but there are steps I take to deal with them. Like exfoliating and using skin cream. But there are products specifically for ingrown hair that I've never tried. I'm skeptical but curious. Anyone have experience with these products?


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Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Pet Virus

I'm reading a great book. (I know, can you believe it?) I haven't read it in the last few days - only because I have so much on my plate. I'm half way through this book and - mark my words - I will read it to the end.

It's not often that I finish reading a whole book. I tend to skim or stop reading after a few chapters. But this one is totally written for people like me. You know, first-person account of actual events, bound in a nice soft cover book with inviting text.

My Pet Virus is a memoir of Shawn Decker's life as a hemophiliac - or his preferred term, thinblood. As a thinblood, he has had multiple blood transfusions, saving his life and cursing him with many diseases - from hepatitis to the dreaded AIDS.

Though his life sounds like it has the makings of a morbid autobiography, it's surprisingly humorous and uplifting. Seriously, there are some laugh-out-loud moments that keep me coming back for more.

Shawn wasn't expected to live beyond his teenage years. Today he's well-into his 20s living with his wife, educating the world about HIV and AIDS. A far cry from the boy who refused to talk about his "pet virus" - thus assuming it would magically disappear.

Read it. It's a quick-read for the avid reader.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

ppp - - ppp

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I don't know how long has been around but it's another venue to potentially get my music heard. The website has listings for many different genres of music, from Gothic Bands to Acoustic Artists like myself.

Each time you click the .browse artists link, the categories are randomly selected. So you're not always looking at the same artists on that page. I like this feature!

The music player is user friendly and the sound quality is good. Plus, there's a much faster load time than that on myspace. Probably because it's not bogged down with too many bells and whistles.

Each artist's page seems to have the same setup. Photo and profile in the left column. Music and more info in the middle column. Sponsored text ads on the right. I do see on their home page that soon members will be able to customize their pages. No rush. The speedy load time is a breath of fresh air.

I haven't signed up with the service yet but I intend to. When I get set up - profile and music - I'll add my page link to this post. When I do, check it out. I'd like to know your thoughts.

UPDATE: I've signed up. Here's the link to my page