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Thursday, January 11, 2007

PPP Rant

More about payperpost. This time, they didn't ask me to write this review. I've been inspired by the free advertising I posted for SEVEN days before getting the "rejected" notice.

So here's the thing. Payperpost lists "opportunities" for us to choose to write about. Right now there are 150 opportunities in the list. A variety. Nice selection. Some pay way more than others. Many don't. Either way, I still believe in the business of "blogging about the things I love."

However, the protocol seems a bit off to me. It is the blogger's responsibility to post the review before accepting the opportunity. This is so we can send payperpost the exact link of the review so the advertiser can review our review. I understand this - to a point. Some advertisers review our posts within one or two days. To me, this seems like an acceptable time-frame. They give us a chance to make corrections (i.e. fix a broken link, expand to the required amount of words).

Today was a a different story. In this case, I made the mistake of misunderstanding the page ranking - and my blog didn't qualify for the opportunity. Therefore it was outright rejected. They were nice about it - saying the content was great but the requirements weren't met. However, I didn't receive this information until SEVEN days after I posted the entry.

SEVEN days of free advertising that states "paid for by payperpost" seems way wrong to me.

I responded with my frustration.

There is another site I write for, ReviewMe. They require that we accept the offer within 48 hours. Then we have 48 hours to write the review. Then the advertiser has 48 hours to review our review. Now that seems good business practice.

I'm not willing to give up on payperpost yet. I will continue to address this issue with them until I get an understanding of their views on this matter. So in the meantime, all of my paid posts will disclose a "pending approval" or "potentially sponsored by" notice before I get the email stating, "your post has been approved for payment."

Hey, the company launched last year. What do I expect? Just working out the kinks here. Still - it's frustrating.


Comments on "PPP Rant"


Blogger Steven said ... (9:41 PM) : 

From what I've observed all the paid-to-post services have their quirks. Either your blogging for the search engine bots that spider your blog or you are blogging for humans.

Apparently blogging for bots pays better. Seven days was enough time for plenty of search engine bots to crawl your entry too. I'd say you have a beef over the time delay as the advertiser got extra bot crawls but not from the right kind of page ranked blog they asked for. Your effort is in the mix they paid for regardless of rejection.


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