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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Family Game Night

Christmas was always that time of year when we'd break out the fun and dust off the classic board games. Sorry, Trouble and CandyLand were soon replaced by Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Boggle and Monopoly (fierce gamers in my family). The latter two games were sure to stir some fight between the Manhattans and the Martinis. Don't ask who won. No one really knows.

As years passed, I lost track of my scattered collection of games. I've re-acquired Boggle and Pictionary. There are at least four decks of cards, a travel chess and cribbage set around here somewhere. I've lost (or donated) games like Taboo, 80s Trivial Pursuit and the lot of the list above.

A few years ago I played the original Cranium game with friends for our first and last game night. It was more fun than I remember all other games to be. This year, Robbie brought Cranium Pop5 to our Thanksgiving Day visit at Gigi's. We laughed till we fell over!

This year, for Christmas, I was inspired to give the gift of Cranium to friends and family in the Northeast. Turns out, they have a great family game, aptly named, The Family Fun Game. By the time I got around to placing my order (2 weeks before Christmas), there wasn't a single copy to be found. Not online anyway.

We went on a mad hunt. Four stores. We searched high and low (literally, climbing the shelves of Toys R Us) and came up with only one copy. We tossed a coin as to which other Cranium game the other three families would receive. They're all great. But The Family Fun Game is the one I wanted. You know when you have your heart set...?

Onward. My brother and his family got a bunch of board games under the tree this year. PBX and I found joy in one in particular - Upwords. It sort of became our way to unwind each night after running ragged, visiting friends and family. When we arrived back in Los Angeles, we felt a longing for game play. Wouldn't you know, two of the stores we checked didn't have a single copy of the game? Back to Toys R Us. We were about to give up when I spotted one solo Upwords game, randomly sitting on top of (get this) The Cranium Family Fun Game. No joke. Only one Upwords. But five Family Fun Games just sitting there - right where they're supposed to be - ready to be bought and played by families all over the country. Go figure.

While looking for Upwords, we had the inclination to get a classic board game as well. There are so many new versions of Monopoly - none of which cost less than $30. We were again on the hunt. This time for the original classic Monopoly. On our way to the register with the only Upwords in our arms, out jumped Monopoly. Score. Big sign: $9.99

It was meant to be.

It wasn't until later that night did we realize - it's the Spanish version.

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Comments on "Family Game Night"


Blogger Nancy said ... (7:24 AM) : 

I have upwords, Cranium, and Monopoly. Problem is I don't have anyone to play with! : (

No one likes games like I do around here.

Glad you had some fun...



Blogger Kathy said ... (10:01 AM) : 

It has been a long time since I've played any board games.
When I was little we played Monopoly a lot. I remember one of my dad's friends always cheated. LOL


Anonymous Cousin M said ... (4:08 PM) : 

I bet that you won upwords knowing your boggle genes!


Blogger Trish said ... (9:13 AM) : 

Awe Nancy - you'll have to make your way to one of the coasts. There's always someone to play with around here. You can play some of those games online. I know, it's just not the same. :(

Kathy, isn't it funny, the things we remember?

Cousin M - ha! yeah, I've won but so has she and it's always close. Boggle though - I'd give my 'genes' a run for her money today! ;)


Blogger gigi said ... (1:40 PM) : 

Finally ~ just catching up in here, and laughing my ass off. You bought Spanish Monopoly!!! HaHahahahahah... ;D

Buy the French version, and maybe I can win a game... ;(

PS ~ The page is still not looking right on my browser. (I'm on AT&T Yahoo.)


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