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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dish Network

this review is NOT sponsored by payperpost.

Once in a while, a payperpost opportunity comes along that I'm chompin at the bit to write about. Before we moved, we only had basic network television and Netflix to entertain us. After the move, it became sorely clear that we needed a better selection of television channels. Mainly, for PBX's research (school and work). We need to keep up on what's going on in the world of TV.

The main reason for canceling our cable TV service last year was because Time Warner bought Comcast (and Adelphia). I had already nixed my AOL account (owned by Time Warner) and felt good about sticking it to the man. Yeah, like it hurt. Doesn't matter. It felt good to me.

We looked into alternative ways to get TV - legally. Our first choice, Dish Network, just happened to be running a special, making it almost impossible to pass up.

My problem lately has been finding the time - and wanting to take the time to watch all we need and want to watch. Part of the Dish Network special included a free DVR for two TVs. One box works for both TVs. Whatever we record on one TV can be viewed on both TVs. Genius.

The best part - I was able to record both Ugly Betty and Survivor simultaneously. Now the only time we miss a new show is if we forget to set the DVR. It's so great to be able to pause and rewind live TV. The reception, even on the older TV, is incredible. I wondered how weather patterns might affect it. So far, so good. Even better than our phone line.

When we're in between Netflix DVDs, we just scroll through our list of recorded shows and there's always something we can watch. Oh, and it's less expensive than cable. Yay.

That's all. I just wanted to rave about the joy of Dish Network.

UPDATE: this review is NOT paid for by anyone other than myself. I've chosen to keep the content but remove the sponsored links. This post was rejected because my blog doesn't meet the requirements. However, I wasn't notified until 7 days after posting this review that it has been rejected. More about that practice in another post.


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Blogger Wil said ... (4:39 PM) : 

You will probably find that heavy rains will knock out service temporarily (for the duration of said heavy duty precipitation). Because the dish is subject to alignment issues, if you're shouse is likely to experience major shakes, you might want to subscribe to their repair service as the cost of a service call to realign the dish to the satellite is well over $100 without the service contract. Just my thoughts and experiences from 5 years with satellite tv...

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Blogger Psalm Writer said ... (3:36 AM) : 

yeah I have dish and in bab weather it DOES not work. But your right it is great to be able to scrol down a list of shows you wanna watch! lol btw I am a song writer too!


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