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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Changes - episode two

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Changes - episode two

Organization, from the inside out. My body is thanking me for the changes I've begun this year. Although, today I'm a bit crampy and crabby (so yes Rumi and Lotus, it was pms the other night at the bowling alley). Still, even with the monthly madness of which I cannot control, I'm having what I've been calling "good" days. many. consecutively. This means my spirits are higher than they were pre-holiday season.

I'm pretty sure the holidays didn't have much to do with my "not-so-good" days. I was headed there. In a rut. Not liking my work. Not feeling ambitious. Not feeling passion for creativity. All the stuff I've mentioned in cycles before.

The difference today? I'm actively making changes.

I've applied for a part-time job that offers full health benefits. There was a time in my life when I didn't realize the value of having such luxuries. I've lived without health insurance for most of my adult life. When I was lucky enough to have it (a few years ago) I was grateful (think: mono and tumor surgery).

Today I realize I can't simply just hop to my primary physician to refill an important prescription or swing by the hospital to get that lump checked (it's fine - just fatty tissue) or go see a therapist without paying out of my ass.

Instead, I have to wait three weeks to sit in a clinic for three hours to then be referred to another clinic three months later to (thankfully) be told I do not need the suggested needle biopsy because the mysterious lump had disappeared. "Come back in two years for your first mammogram." Thank you very much, but I hope to gawd I'll have health insurance by then!

So I have an interview for the job on Monday morning. And after walking dogs, I have an appointment with a therapist who will accept sliding scale prices. It's actually an interview for her. I've had so much therapy that I could be a therapist (no joke). So it could be a challenge to find someone who can help further me along in my process. Not trying to be cocky or critical. I just know what I need in terms of therapy. And that's the thing about therapy - you can't do it alone.

My first question for her tonight: Are you in therapy? Her magic answer: YES. So I made the appointment. Still waiting to hear back from others. Just doing my homework.

more to come. thanks for reading. peace all.


Comments on "Changes - episode two"


Anonymous Michelle s0ngbird1962 said ... (7:37 AM) : 

Hiya Freee....Got thinking about some of my blogger friends & decided to check in on them. Sorry that you are in your seasonal funk, but no doubt you'll find your way back to the light....
And hey, you weren't too far from me at Christmas,(should have stopped by, lol) glad you got to go home for the holidays....
My holidays were sad, no one knows what tomorrow will bring. And glad you're considering a job with health insurance... Things change in an instant. XO, take care...


Blogger Nancy said ... (9:55 AM) : 

Good that you're actively making the changes you want. Good that you're shopping around for the right therapist...good, good, good!

Hope you start to have your chin up soon...



Blogger gigi said ... (1:08 PM) : 

Hey ~ I didn't notice any pms-ing going on. It was all good; from the wall-eyed bartender to Team Vogue next door. Rock on! :)


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