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Monday, October 23, 2006

Not Another Crazy Cat Blog

At the risk of turning this into a Crazy Cat Blog I reluctantly post yet another kitty picture. There are more, but I don't dare ... at least until I write about something else.

I've been wanting to blog more. But I have to admit, Blogger has been frustratingly slow. So slow that it has discouraged me to sit and post.

I'm still wanting to combine my websites with my blog and use some other service through my sites. But I don't know how, yet.

I had a guy come over and help clean out my computer last week. To pay him, I went around the house offering things I was looking to donate. He was happy to take a few games, a bottle of water, a dozen bagels and a cloth hanging shelf. He decided against taking the black widow we found in the box of books.

I cleared out the box, cleaned up the books, wiped away the webs and found the widow a new home. But I unconsciously put all the books back in the box and left them in the same place.

I'm now almost afraid to open the box. But it has to be done...with gloves this time.

We live in a house of spiders. Mostly daddylonglegs. They really keep the other critters at bay. I don't mind them. We just have to be concerned about our pets. Piper hunts spiders - and actually eats them. Gracie is discovering spiders and flies (and shadows and string and curtains and...)

I tweaked my neck last week. Went to see a chiropractor who told me to hire people to clear out the backyard. He's all for me doing the gardening, watering, raking and planting. But lifting 3-year-old, bug-infested, black dust-muck from the yard apparently isn't for me. Oh. Duh.

By hiring a couple of guys, it could be done in less than a day. Otherwise, it might take another couple of months. Just weighing my options here.

The money I spent on the chiropractor, and the money I lost from missing some work, could've been spent on yard help. Perspective.

We also need to raise and secure the fence around the yard. Our neighbor's crazy dog still wants to eat our little ones. Then there's the issue of the rainy season and parking out back. We need to pave or put gravel down. I don't know anything about that stuff so I'm winging it.

...Since starting this post (a few days ago -- I forgot to post it) we discovered another beautiful specimen of a widow. Pics to come, if you dare look.

Hah, bet you're aching for another crazy-cute kitty picture! Okay okay fine, but don't say I didn't warn you.

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Blogger MzAmy said ... (9:56 PM) : 

I LOVE the kitty pics, and that kittie is sure a cutie. hard not to like, I am fond of calico's.

oh, and the cute little dog...cute too.

all cute...all good. :P
and that means you!


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