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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: August 2006

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Anything Can Happen

This is why it's important for me to keep up with my blogging. Things change quickly and drastically around here ... and often.

Just when I thought we didn't have to move, we received a letter saying our rent would increase another 4% starting October 1st. These landlords are by-the-book as far as rent control is concerned. They don't miss a single opportunity to raise the rent when they legally can. So not only were we already paying outrageous rent for a one-bedroom apartment, we now are expected to pay even more! So, the search for a new home continued.

We were close to signing a lease on a duplex two days ago, until we saw another place in a more desirable area. However, the "more desirable" place hasn't taken any calls from anyone. She's "not ready to show it yet." Then why list it? is our question.

So on a whim, PBX answered an obscure ad via email and off we were to look at a 3-bedroom house. Why not? We've looked at everything else. Why not take a chance on this cheap house. At some point we wondered if the ad was for a bedroom in a house. You know, around colleges, people rent to students.

But nope. It's a whole 3-bedroom house with a huge backyard. Huge. Like 1/2 an acre. That's huge for Los Angeles. The asking rent is $200 less than what we're paying now. Everything inside is new/fixed. It's bright. It has laundry hookups. Comes with fridge and range. It's on a beautiful street. The neighbors were welcoming when we talked to them about the area.

The hitch, if there has to be one? It's in a less-than-desirable area. Mostly, it's in an area that I'm more unfamiliar with. I've lived in less safe areas. I probably live in one now. But you know, you're as safe as you feel.

The street is beautifully lined with tall palm trees. The homes are well kept. Kids were playing in their yards. As we sat on the stoop in front of the gate of the vacant house, waiting for the landlord, I felt as if I was sitting in front of home. PBX said the same thing.

I don't wanna jinx it. There's nothing about this place that makes me feel uncomfortable -- except that it's further from the beach than I've lived in a long while (10 miles). But, did I mention the yard? I could garden again.

The landlord wants us in, like now, so we're just waiting on paperwork. We have to give notice here first. And until papers are signed, we need to hold off.

Anything can happen.

In the meantime, I'm researching that neighborhood. Community, city planning, crime rates, etc. So far, no major red-flags. A few small ones, but nothing more than where we live right now. Again, anything can happen.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Life is Happening

I've been tagged. I called a friend for her birthday today (Hi Beth!) and she said she hardly knows what's going on with me lately, since I haven't been updating my blog.

Whoops! Guess it's become an obligation-ish.

Truthfully though, I've been contemplating changes in here. I just haven't figured some things out. What I'd really like is for my blog to go directly through my website. I'd like everything I do online to be connected through it. I just don't know how to do that.

So I sit here with a blog, a music website, a dogwalking website and email all on different servers. Until I have time to sit with someone to show me the ins and outs of linking it all together, I suppose I should write where I can: here.

It's been quite an eventful summer. I don't even know where to begin. As the summer nears its end, it would seem that nothing's changed around here. When, in actuality, so much has changed.

We searched all summer for a house to rent. Then an apartment. Then we didn't have to move. Then we did. Now we can, but we don't have to.

Work has been consistent - and growing again (it seems). I'm grateful for the work and every time I say "I'm a dog walker" folks think it's so exciting that I get excited about it again.

But somewhere in me, there's this desire (perhaps an unconscious goal) to drive a dog-free car again. By dog-free, I mean other people's dogs. I love what I do. I love dogs. That never changes. But my poor car takes a beating.

It's especially true when we take the pack to the dog beach up the coast. We have a lot of fun -- but it's quite a commitment. We've done it twice this summer. We keep getting requests for more, so we know the doggie-parents love it.

I don't know if we'll have time for more before October though. PBX is back to school and this time she's producing a graduate thesis film. I'm gonna try my hand at script supervising. I'll have to be on set all day, but I won't have to be running around micro-managing people. Plus, I'll have to watch every single shot - which means I'll be right there with the action all the time. I love that.

I also love the script. The lead character is an 8 year-old girl. Auditions were so fun to record (I ran the camera for some of them). There's one actress I'm begging them to cast. If they don't, I've threatened to write something just for her to star in. No one came close to her ability, as far as I'm concerned. We'll see...they're still auditioning.

I had a root canal on a tooth that was "severely abscessed" -- if you recall, I had horrible jaw and face pain about six months ago that no one could define. I spent much money on specialists who had conflicting ideas and one who told me to take advil and come back in two weeks. Dumbheads.

I was finally able to see a good dentist who immediately found the "root" of the problem. She was surprised that no one was able to see it (as she was looking at the original x-rays). So it festered for over 6 months and ate away a lot of bone in my jaw. She urged me to have the root canal done ASAP. If I didn't, it would soon become an emergency -- costing way more money and causing way more pain.

Way more pain???


I had the work done. The root canal itself was a piece of cake. Easy-peasy. I was like, "what's all the fuss about?" Two days after the work, I was vomiting because of the severe pain. The healing has taken two weeks and I still can't open my jaw fully without pain/discomfort.

So the healing road is taking the time it needs to take. I lost a lot of bone from the infection. So please, listen to me, if you need dental work done, do it! Now!

I was also starting to feel arthritic in my wrists, thumbs and fingers. Then in my ankles. Turns out it was all related. I knew it. That's still healing. My thumbs mostly.

I found out, through my vet, that it happens for dogs and people. He has a friend who won't see patients for joint pain if they haven't seen a dentist in the last six months. Fascinating.

So yeah, teeth, dentistry, all that. Important! I won't miss another check up, ever.

I guess that's about it for now. I hope to keep writing.

I hope everyone is well. Feel free to drop me a line. Life is happening. Let's keep in touch.

~ peace ~