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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: June 2006

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Hunny Alive and Well

Thank you all for your love and support. Hunny is doing much better. She has more energy than before the incident even. Lab results show she had a UTI and it's possible the antibiotics have worked well for her already. She needs to get more/different antibiotics just to be sure the infection goes away for good. She's playing and eating and rolling around as if she's a new puppy again. She's also chewing and peeing where she shouldn't be. Yup, just like a puppy again. Hard to believe she's almost 12 yrs old. I love my girl.

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Love for Hunny

Please send positive, loving, healing thoughts to Hunny. We brought her to the vet because she was peeing blood. She was treated for a bladder/kidney infection. We were sent home with heavy-duty antibiotics and told to return in 14 days. If it isn't cleared up by then, more tests will be done to rule out major things like kidney cancer.

On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's and left the dogs in the car (something I've done for ten years). While we were in the store, Hunny tore into the antibiotics (through the bag and child-proof pill bottle). She ate all thirty pills.

I called the vet immediately. We were told the medicine absorbs quickly and to expect lots of vomiting and diarrhea. We isolated Hunny in the bathroom. Within an hour she was convulsing and had lost control of every bodily function. Projectile! I called the vet again. They described what a seizure would look like. Because she was shaking and laying down, I wasn't sure if she was in critical condition.

Until ... she did exactly what the assistant said she would do: lay on her side and shake uncontrollably. At that moment, I was talking with our vet and said, "She's seizing." He said to rush her in and he was going to call the animal hospital to tell them we were on our way.

PBX wrapped Hunny in the throw rug, swooped her up and we literally ran to the car, watching Hunny foam at the mouth, shake, drip blood from her backside and lose complete awareness of her surroundings.

I drove as they were in the back. Hunny was out for about five minutes. Then she suddenly sat up, panting.

She would've been in the hospital overnight if funds weren't such a major issue. But they worked with us and loaded her up on fluids (shots under the skin all over her body) and gave us liquid anti-vomiting medicine.

Hunny can't eat for 24 hours and she can't take any medicine for her infection for another 48 hours.

Apparently they make this particular (very expensive) medicine taste sweet, like a treat, so the dog will take it willingly.

The instructions for the medicine from the emergency hospital specifically read, "Keep out of Hunny's reach."

Right now, she is sleeping. She periodically gets up to roam about and loses her way. She's weak and shaky. But so far, she's been able to rest for about an hour. We have towels down because she's still leaking blood.

My poor baby. Because she's an older dog, there are more concerns.


I didn't really want to go into so much detail. I just wanted to let Hunny fans know she needs much support and positive thoughts.

Thanks all. xo

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Week In Review

Chess: This month I am a chess addict. It's a sickness. I'm sure of it. I've never been so enthralled with chess (the game I almost just called a sport) as I have been in the last couple of weeks. I must've played fifty games. And I still suck. It's gotten to the point where I've almost taken it on the road. I see cars and people as chess pieces. I almost rear-ended a car who changed lanes in front of me this afternoon. Rook-to-pawn-style. I'll tell ya though, those damn knights always do me in. I can't figure them out for the life of me. We have a love/hate relationship - wreaking havoc all over the board. But I do like when they miraculously work in my favor.

Dogs: I've been a solo-doggie-daycare here for the week. With PBX gone till Sunday, I've been doing double duty. Seems everyone decided this would be the perfect week to leave town. Three doggies are sleeping at my feet as I type.

Music: I made a pact with myself to play at least thirty minutes of guitar every day. I'd forgotten how good that feels. My goal is to write a pop song. A good new-fangled cookie-cutter variety. We'll see. They're kinda boring without all the production. But so far there are some other melodies brewing.

Hair: Got my hair cut again. This time, same style but shorter. Off the shoulders. Cool and sassy. Perfect summer cut.

Coat: Money's been very tight lately (as you know), so I've had to cut back on things like eating out, getting coffee to go and sending my dog to the groomers. It's that time of year when Hunny usually gets a monthly grooming. They shave her thick coat into a nice soft puppy cut. Well, it's been way too long and I still can't afford to send her to the groomers for forty bucks so we spent the same amount on a set of clippers and hoisted the poor HunnyBun onto the kitchen table and hacked the shit out of that gorgeous mane of hers. We did the best we could. The clippers came with three attachments - all were too long. And the permanent (smallest) size is apparently too short. There will be no pictures for at least two weeks, when her age spots and sunburn are covered with new growth.

Teeth: Here we go again. Severe pain in the same area as a couple of months ago. It had finally gone away on its own. But last weekend I woke up in agony - for no apparent reason. Advil wouldn't even put a dent in the pain. I'm out of pain killers and still lacking in insurance. So I'm riding it out. It's been a painful week. Someone at the dogpark reminded me about the spiritual body - and what emotions are related to teeth, jaw, mouth. Some good stuff to take into consideration and meditate on. Timing is everything. There are no coincidences.

South Park: We downgraded our cable service to basic. This leaves us sans Comedy Central. Tragic. But someone's on our side because South Park is on syndication at my prime tv-watching time (11pm). Two episodes, back-to-back, every weeknight. sweeeet.

Work: Got a promising phone call from a potential new client for ongoing dogwalking. Keep those positive thoughts coming my way. I need (and want) the work!

Household: Between rounds of chess I've managed to clean the bathroom, organize my sock drawer, do five loads of laundry, wax my legs (including bikini), work on business paperwork and now post a blog entry.

Fun: We're celebrating Gigi's birthday tomorrow. Art and martinis of course. What more could we expect. (subtle hint: her actual birthday is June 22)

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Blogger's been down. I've been trying to post for three days. What's up with that? Let's hope it stays active long enough to get this post in.

What do you do during summer vacation when funds are low? Go camping!

We had to drive seven hours northeast to see for ourselves that, yes, there are still snow-capped mountains in California this June.

We left last Saturday morning at 6:30 and arrived at Kings River in Kings Canyon National Park (just north of Sequoia) by 2:30pm. Wait. That's eight hours. We stopped along the way - for gas, ice and maps of the area. We camped at 6000 feet along the raging river rapids. Ice was melting right off the mountains. Bears are active and hungry at this time of year. All of our food, toiletries and anything with a scent had to be kept in a sturdy metal container provided at each campsite. There's a $185 fine for leaving any of that stuff out.

Paula started gathering wood and brush for her 10-hour fire right away. She cooked potatoes - wrapped them in tin foil and threw them right into the blaze. On the grill/grate above the flames, we cooked veggies and boiled water for tea.

We don't have a tent so we pushed the picnic table against the open back of the peacemobile and created an extension for those of us who are too tall to stretch out comfortably without it. A heavy tarp covered the back, creating a tent-like effect. We tied the dogs in with us so they wouldn't take it upon themselves to protect us from bears and other critters of the night. In which case, they would be called bait.

Speaking of bait - you don't know fear until you have to pee in the woods at night.

We took walks, washed in the ice cold water, played cribbage and chess. And at night, we were invited across the way to another campsite to play music.

Sunday morning we had breakfast and coffee. We took our time packing up, left camp around 10 AM. We stopped at Grizzly Falls - a massive raging waterfall. Then we headed south to the Sequoia National Forest and Park. Our drive through was beautiful. We stopped to see General Sherman, the largest tree in the world. It is estimated to be between 2300 and 2700 years old. That's older than Christ. Longer than we've been counting calendar years. Personally, I'm not happy about the name of the tree. It sort of minimizes the actuality of its presence. But nonetheless, it is beautiful and worth seeing.

A branch had fallen from the tree over the winter (we suspect due to heavy snowfall). And let me tell you, this branch is the size of an enormous tree itself. It crashed through the heavy wooden fence surrounding the tree and shattered the pavement below.

Remember, that's just a branch.

For a visual tour of our journey, click here to see photos on my flicker account.