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Monday, May 01, 2006

random check-in

I've been in production for over a week. Every single day (with the exception of Friday). It's gruelling. Fun too. But I'm burned out. In between shooting, I've been walking dogs and pet/house sitting. And in between all that, I've lost another client to the backyard. Meaning, they're getting another dog and letting them play in the yard together all day. It's a trial period. They're hoping it'll keep them exercised enough. I'm hoping it'll turn into more business for me.

Because, frankly, I'm looking for alternative forms of work. It hasn't been this slow in three years...when I restarted the business again after a year hiatus. Another client is taking a 6-8 week break because they're remodeling their home. This means Marley (my love) will be living with his grandmother during that time. And he gets plenty of exercise and attention when he's there.

So there's a message here.

It's time for a change. I'm just not sure what that change is. I'm rolling with it.

There are many possibilities. But this 'meantime' needs to be supplemented with income while I transition ... if that's what I am to do. Y'know?

I'm eager to work and learn. Of course it would be much less stressful if I had just two more full-time doggie clients.

Hey, anyone know how to secure access to a wireless router? Our computers are running (walking) so slow, it would be quicker to hand-deliver emails lately. I'm pretty sure it's the wireless router. And it's only happening lately. It wasn't like this all the time with the router. Ours is "unsecured" and I can't figure out how to set a password to it.

What else? Oh yeah, about the production. I'm helping as one of the ADs (assistant director). Similar to what I did on the other production - lots of paperwork and managing departments. Only this time I'm doing a bit of micro-managing. Very unappealing. There's so much work to be done, and not enough hands to do it. On top of that, everyone is so burned out that we're begging folks to show up to help. It's tough when it's unpaid. There's a rotating shift of ADs and producers on set. But no matter. Whatever goes wrong, it's always the ADs fault.

We're shooting 12-hour nights this week. yes, nights. Overnight. Graveyard shift. Oughtta be interesting. I'm looking forward to Friday. When I'm finished walking my dogs, I'll come home, hop into bed and watch one of the DVDs that's been sitting here unopened for three weeks.

I stayed away from set on Saturday, since it was half a day of shooting. Instead, I prepared call sheets for the rest of the shoot and did ten loads of laundry at this cool little place in Culver City. Laundry and internet cafe. I was there for three hours. Not too bad. Great food too. And they have happy hour every morning for two hours. All cafe drinks are 1/2 off. Could become a new hangout for me...especially if I can get all that laundry done so quickly. Plus do work on the computer. Nice.

Still, the call sheets take for-fricken-ever to compile when there's such a rotating crew. The names and crew positions change every day. It's hard to keep things organized. I finally decided to leave every name on the sheet and say "if you're working, great. if not, then don't show up." Better to send it to all than to get a call from folks in a panic because they haven't received the call sheet.

Man it's been a long time since I've written. Can you tell?

Aside from all the mishaps and tough times on set, I have to say, the director and the DP are great. The actors are young up-and-comers. I know we'll see them again. A lot. The film looks HOT. I'm really looking forward to seeing the end result.

Enough outta me. I have to clean this place, walk dogs, nap and get ready for a long night.

See you again, when I come up for air.

Comments on "random check-in"


Blogger tiny dancer said ... (12:40 PM) : 

I read about that laundromat/cafe somewhere recently. Brilliant.

Ebb and flow in effect I see.

Maybe expand some other errands to your current doggie owners. Pet & from vet appts./ bathing appts./ Doggie food delivery/ Bedding cleaning. Just ideas...think out of the box.

Marley...such a pretty black baby!


Blogger Steven said ... (8:56 PM) : 

You sound busy which is good!
The router thing is a two part process. First you set an encryption key on the router. Not hard to miss with the router software. Depending on your router, it should be online for download. Once you have that key set you configure the computers with the key.


Blogger Robbie said ... (7:15 PM) : 

Wow! I just saw a dust ball blow across my screen. My router died so I'm hardwired to my cable. Don't know what to tell you with that. When are you two graduating? Huh - huh?


Blogger gigi said ... (2:18 PM) : 

ADs, DPs, DVDs, APPTs...what's a PA? I think I know one of those. And what's a router, secured or otherwise? I'm afraid I'm not much help.

I know what a dog is. So there's that.

Time to check in again. Maybe from the laundramat. :)


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