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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Momentary Lapse

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Momentary Lapse

... and I'm back.

I want to keep the writing in flow. I've been challenged to write for at least two hours a day. So far it's been a sporadic two hours ... and not exactly two hours. But I'm proud to announce that my sock drawer has never looked better.

You know how that is ... "I have to write" becomes a chore. I'll do just about anything else to "prepare" for the actual writing. The light has to be just right. Papers off the desk (even though I'm sitting on the couch). Dogs need attention (even though they're sleeping on the couch). I need good pens (even though I'm on the computer). Next I'll be washing the windows (not). But you get my point.

We all know how happy I can be writing just anything for more than two hours. Putting things in a structural form is a whole 'nother story. So I'm following some guidelines (oh no! not those!) and hoping to finish my first personal "assignment" by the end of today.

So far I have four (messy) script ideas that sound better and better as I develop them. When I read them aloud, I feel less enthused.

Lesson #1 - no reading aloud.

The next assignment will be to choose one of those script ideas and develop it even more.

In between all this, I have daily dogs to walk plus marketing to do to get more dogs to walk. Another film project starting. I'm editing a scene. I also have to return shoes to the outlet stores oh-so-far-away and return clothes to Ross not-so-far-away. Oh yeah and see my dentist and my hair dresser on the same day. And no, I haven't been back to yoga.

Big dreams. Big plans. Breaking through the low-ambition barrier. It helps to be surrounded by ambitious, talented creative people.

Back to work. But first, don't forget to check out the new poll.

Comments on "Momentary Lapse"


Blogger gigi said ... (2:53 PM) : 

Glad you're working and energized! Yeah, we can't help but be affected by the kind of people with whom we associate. Positivity begets positivity. If that's a word. Which it probably isn't. Voila! ~ creativity! ;D

I see we're currently sharing the same work ethic ~ the last time I started painting I decided I had to sweep the patio and plant hydrangeas. You know, to make the work area more conducive to creativity. And just now, I wanted to write but had to check out some blogs first...

PS ~ the code word is 'doodrp'! :)


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