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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

false alarm...

...for now.

No oral surgery for me yesterday.

It could still happen but the cute, young oral surgeon spent a good amount of time explaining his thoughts to me. The wisdom tooth in question is completely encased in bone. It's been there for "a really long time" (PBX's words) and therefore would require an invasive surgery (cracking bone and leaving a massive hole in my mouth/jaw) with at least a two-week recovery time. And since he couldn't be sure that tooth is the cause of my pain, there's no reason to remove it immediately. First, he wants to exhaust all other possible options.

Works for me ... as long as I'm not in pain.

He prescribed some heavy-duty pain meds for times I can hardly bear the pain. Good. So I have those on hand now.

Next, I scheduled an appointment with another department where they will do an in-depth evaluation of me, my life and my face. I think they'll check my grinding, biting, chewing habits. As cute, young OS put it, they could ask me things as far back as my childhood. It could be a four-hour evaluation.

Works for me ... as long as I'm not in pain.

It's also possible that this pain is a complication (or reaction) from my parotid tumor surgery over a year ago. Same side of the face and everything. The nerves are still numb around my ear and some are just starting to re-activate. It could be that they are firing too quickly. (something like that) I don't have that (HMO) insurance anymore but I need to get through to my ENT surgeon and have her check my progress. I'm on it.

Works for me ... as long as I'm not in pain.

I also need to have my recent dentist check the alignment of the crown I had done last year. It feels too high. She should be able to adjust it on the spot. That should alleviate some of the discomfort, until we figure out what's really going on.

Then if I'm still in pain and we can't find the source, we may have to remove the impacted wisdom tooth to rule it out as the pain-maker.

One thing I did learn - I have two other wisdom teeth (broken through the bone, less invasive surgery) that will need to be extracted. Even though neither one of them bothers me at this time, they could be problematic down the line.

I find humor in that.

Works for me ... as long as I'm not in pain.

Comments on "false alarm..."


Blogger alphawoman said ... (4:06 PM) : 

I was thinking about you today and the surgery. Glad they are going to make certain it is needed and not just a quick fix.


Blogger Remo said ... (7:46 PM) : 

I kept checking to see how things turned out. I'm glad they're going to do somemore evaluation before getting busy. Have you tried acupuncture? It works.

As long as you're not in pain...


Blogger Maria said ... (2:55 AM) : 

Hi hon I could only imagine the pain you've been in. I desperately need to get a dentist and more than likely have oral surgery as well. It's one of the final things I need to do to really better myself. I have pieces of my teeth literally breaking off and I have NO CLUE why! None. at all. Never seen anything like this before and I can't stand it. I take care of them as best I can considering I don't HAVE a dentist ... Plus, I have wisdom teeth which (more than likely) have to come out Ugh!

I need to find a dentist who will accept Medicare. THAT'S where my problem lies. I wrote down half a dozen numbers and I'm going to call later. Not getting my hopes up yet, though.

Keep us posted! Get well as soon as you can :)

PS I saw you have me listed on your blogroll That's very kind :) I have you listed on mine as well. Could you update the link though when you're able, of course! No rush! :) I no longer use AOL ... haven't since December or so :) My new link is


Blogger Heather said ... (4:25 PM) : 

I have been thinking of you hon. I hope your mouth is feeling better in no time.


Blogger gigi said ... (2:15 PM) : 

A four hour evaluation? Bummer. They should throw in a bikini wax and a massage. But I'm truly glad you are not in pain. :)

I'm bleaching my teeth as we speak. Also, cleaning my oven. And I am in pain. ;)


Blogger Becky said ... (8:48 AM) : 

Ack, wisdom teeth. You have my sympathy! I had 4 full bony impactions. 3 I had removed with "good" insurance. One came out with "bad" insurance (i.e. they didn't cover IV meds or other good drugs. Just gas, novacaine and a masochist who left a hand print bruise on my face from the pressure he was applying. I never want to hear the sounds of a bone saw and mallet/chisel near my face ever again! May the higher powers eternally bless my "good" oral surgeon and that wonderful IV drug cocktail I got. Anti-swelling drug, valium, demerol and something else. All I remember is the doc saying "we're about to start" and then "OK Rebecca, we're all finished." Cool beans.


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