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Journey-2-Peace has moved! Redirecting…

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

so wrong, so right

Okay so, PBX is preparing to film another scene for one of her classes. I'm totally into it. In some ways, more than she is. But that's just because she has more on her plate than I do. I love the audition process - being on the non-actor side of things. I really like the idea of bringing characters from the page to the screen.

Originally she was casting for a scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. She got a lot of responses. Not surprising. But then she found out her instructor would prefer she film something not yet produced. Uhh...but we already held auditions. And we're on a deadline.

So we were working on set last weekend (for the original film project I've been working on for the last couple of months) and I got to talking to our first AC (assistant camera guy). He and his brother write screenplays together. They're on their ninth. They have what he calls "the opposite of writer's block," where they just cannot stop writing and creating. They have four projects going at this very minute.

Right away my brain started ticking, "Do you guys have any high school age comedy type of scripts?" I swear, PBX and I were looking for something raw and farcical, along the lines of South Park and Saved! and Superstar, etc.

We got exactly that - a politically incorrect (so wrong) high school movie with a message. Physically, developmentally and emotionally challenged students are integrated in a public high school as part of an experiment funded by the mayor. The "average" public school students quickly become the minority. Everyone experiences and participates in a form of discrimination - students, teachers, faculty, coaches, parents - everyone.

We read their script in two days (a record for me). Mostly because I had all day Monday to sit at the dental clinic and listen to PBX read it from the laptop. It kept us laughing till we cried. I imagine it will still be as funny without the vicodin, because PBX was laughing just as much.

The most difficult part was choosing a scene to produce. So many scenes stood out, strong, on their own. My favorite part of this project so far has been rewrites and casting. We combined four scenes to get the best possible representation of the script into five pages. Still, I'll miss a few of the characters that we just couldn't get in there. But it gives us something to look forward to.

PBX is used to directing drama. This is her personal challenge, directing comedy. Good for her reel. I'm excited about it. Especially since helping her won't take up any time away from my work. It's totally an "after hours" project.

I also look forward to editing. I helped (learned the program) with her last one. I love that stuff. She hates it. It works well.

Oooh, it's all so exciting.

We'll see how it goes after our potential actors read this scene. It's quite different from the one they auditioned for. The plus side: there are more characters to cast, therefore less actors to disappoint. It's a win/win if you ask me. Go ahead, ask me.

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Blogger Jod{i} said ... (10:44 AM) : 

Too cool...I understand totally the opposite of writer's block...SOmetimes writing one script leads to an idea to another and another, etc.
A great place to find scripts is Screenwriter's Utopia...I have some real great SPEC screenwriters there..jus an idea



Blogger gigi said ... (1:50 PM) : 

It all sounds very exciting! All that reading, casting and editing will be keeping you so busy (look for my headshots and resume Coming Soon to a Mailbox near You!) that you won't even notice your dental pain, vicodin notwithstanding.

PBX laughed at the scripts because she is practicing Awareness on Happy Gas.


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