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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: Holiday Tipping and Baking

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Holiday Tipping and Baking

I was looking for the appropriate amount of Holiday tip/bonus to leave for our water deliverer. He comes twice a month with two cases of bottled water plus 3-gallon jugs. It's worth it, just for the door-front placement alone. It's been six months. I just want to be prepared.

I haven't gotten very far in my search. This is the opener of the first article I came across in CNN/

Who's in the running for a $300 tip this holiday season?

Nannies, personal trainers and even dog walkers might possibly nab tips in the hundreds of dollars...though it's certainly not required.

Who knew?

The fact that dog walkers are even mentioned in this article shows how far the industry has come. Nine years ago there were like five of us. Probably more like dozens. But I only knew of one other when I started.

There's a tip chart at the bottom of the article. I'm still not completely sure about my water guy. I can't just leave the envelope empty.

Who else do I need to think about? No gardener. No doorman. No parking attendant. I got two hair cuts all year. My drug dealer. My bookie. The Mob. Tell me I'm not expected to tip the guys at the gas station!

My clients. Last year I gave them a photo booklet of all the dogs from the year. They loved it. This year I'm thinking of doing something similar. Maybe a single photo in a frame. Not sure. But I can't spend a lot. In years past I've given stockings filled with toys, bones and biscuits.

Can I tip with baked goods?

Believe it or not, I'm thinking of baking this year. [I know, right?] I got a bunch of recipes from my mom. I'm talking four emails filled with recipes. I have at least twenty to choose from. She even trusted me with secret family recipes. [don't even ask. you'll never get it out of me. except, what's nutmeg?]

I don't know why, but the idea of baking seems exciting to me. Cookies, breads, pastries, pies, cakes...ohh, so much more. I don't necessarily want to eat it all ('cept the cookies). I want to smell it and give it away. Plus, the oven will keep things feeling warm and homey. Oh, my homeys! Hope y'all like cookies and pies...or whatever I choose to make.

Comments on "Holiday Tipping and Baking"


Anonymous John N. said ... (7:38 AM) : 

You could always!

If you want some recipes that make super gifts, let me know. I've got tons and tons of them.


Blogger Jenny said ... (8:55 AM) : 

I think you can bake your own dog biscuits or something...that would be a cute gift for your clients


Blogger tiny dancer said ... (2:55 PM) : 

see...all this new energy and inspiration...I'm feelin ya dawg.


Blogger ckays1967 said ... (3:03 PM) : 


This doesn't have a darn thing to do with this post....but what you said to Judy is so true.

It is easier to move to Blogspot WITH friends. I had a secret journal over here fore months and months. Now it is home.

I love what you've done. I have template envy for you and Jodi.



Blogger The BluDragoness said ... (4:17 PM) : 

I agree with Jenny, dog biscuts would be a very cute gift.


Blogger The Boisverts said ... (5:55 PM) : 

Hi Trish, love reading your blog. I loved Jenny's idea about the doggie biscuits. That would be adorable, and I bet it would make every client smile ear-to-ear. (the owners AND the dogs!)


Blogger jennifer said ... (5:16 AM) : 

I second (third? fourth?) the dog biscuits. And, maybe, some human biscuits to go along with. (Along with the recipe and a copy of that CNN tipping dog walkers article.) :D

Nutmeg: found in spice aisle in between the mustard and the oregano. Also found sprinkled atop my cappuccino. And eggnog.

Happy Baking!


Blogger Kathleen said ... (6:20 AM) : 

baked goods are a great way to tip!
I did that the past few years when I was....oh so broke. Haha, this year, I'm just kind of poor : )
I used to go to a craft store, and buy wooden boxes, brush them with a coat of stain, glue a piece of velvet in the bottom, and then fill them up with yummy food!!
In fact.....I may just do that again this year!
Thanks for reminding me.
And ...I would kill for your job, but, Lee says that I want a dog so bad, that he's afraid that I would run off with one.
Happy Tipping!


Blogger gigi said ... (12:51 PM) : 

Yay ~ COOKIES! me me me me...

On the other hand, you don't know what nutmeg is. have much to learn, Grasshopper.

Nutmeg is the brown powdery substance we sprinkle on the Nogg so that no one knows Mama's really drinking rum and brandy. Silly. :)


Blogger Wil said ... (5:37 AM) : 

Trish, I know it seems counter-intuitive, what with losing customers and all. But this is NOT the year to cut back on the remembrances for customers. If anything, a modest increase in the value and variety of the gifts might be in order. How about baking the remaining customers homemade doggie biscuits? Add a homemade CD of you singing some traditional xmas songs while accompanying yourself on guitar. And add a reminder of openings needing filling and the desire for your clients friends to know about your services. Be creative. But get the word out there. We haven't heard about too many new customers filling the holes in your dog walking schedule lately.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:45 PM) : 

Did you get the recipe for chocolate mint squares? Cousin M.


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