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Journey-2-Peace has moved! Redirecting…

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Backing Up Journal Files

Backing up my journal files has been something looming over my head. I've put it off because I thought it was going to take a lot of time and energy. To my pleasant surprise, I spent very little time backing up all entries of my one-and-a-half-year-old journal yesterday. That's right, very little time. In fact, it might have been one hour. I now have html copies of every single entry (plus comments) since the beginning of J2P-time.

If you haven't done this already, please take the time to do so for yourself. Don't leave fate in the hands of the AOL overlords. Anything can happen. A mistake. A slip. A server crash. It doesn't matter. It's like a safety precaution in case of a fire or emergency. And it's worth it.

The best part is, once you're set up for saving, it's easier than making a cup of coffee in the morning.

I'm sure there are many ways to do it. This is my way. Once you get the hang of it, you can create a system that works for you. And please share any insight. I'm always open to new ideas, especially if they streamline an important process.

1. Open your journal. Click VIEW OLDER ENTRIES. Go to the very first month and year you created your journal. Click on the link of your very first entry.

2. In the main menu bar, choose FILE - SAVE (shortcut, ctrl+s) [this will show a window of your computer files]

3. Create a new folder and name it: JOURNAL BACKUP. Open that file.

4. Create another new folder and name it the entry's corresponding month and year. For example, Journey to Peace was created in September 2003 so my folder looks like this: 09_2003. Open that file.

5. Click SAVE (or, enter)

6. Click on the next entry in your journal and repeat steps 2 & 5.

Remember, when you get to the next month, create a new folder in JOURNAL BACKUP to reflect the month and date.

For example, my folders look like this:

...My Documents


Once you have all of your entries saved on your computer, you only have to do this every ten entries. Your main journal page consists of the most recent ten entries. Even better; make it part of your daily ritual.

When you're finished, head over to Robbie's for another very good reminder about saving important information that you have uploaded to your FTP space.

AOL-J is a great place to be. Let's do our share to keep it that way. Don't leave room for error. Doing this keeps the power in your hands. Take responsibility.

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Blogger Laura said ... (6:31 PM) : 

thanks for the tutorial. That was one of the things I need to do.....everything about all of this can be so paralyzing right now...normal I tell myself as we deal with the shock and all but all the same, paralyzing.


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