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Random Blog Journey-2-Peace: The Color of Embarrassment

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

The Color of Embarrassment

originally posted here.

Part of the Brentwood Dogpark is temporarily sectioned off so grass can grow.

There are three things really wrong with this.

1) It's the section that has the most patches of grass already.
2) It makes for a more congested play area.
3) It's a DOGPARK!

To make matters worse, It rained yesterday!

Yes, we need the rain but I'd prefer it to rain over night and clear up during the day. A friend asked, "What does a dogwalker do when it's raining?" I answered, "Get wet and muddy." She grunted and shivered. You know you've got it rough when a pre-school teacher trembles over your job!

The mud at the dogpark was thick and slick. I came this close to mud wrestling with an 80 lb black lab (or a muddy yellow lab) - Not a pretty sight. My puma's are no longer blue. There are still black pawprints all over the backseat of my car. And I'll be brushing dry mud patches from Hunny's coat for days.

I've been around dogs (daily) for 8 yrs. I've learned a lot about their language and behavior. Nothing really surprises me anymore when it comes to dogs. But dog-parents - there's no predicting.

The other day, Hunny (my small alpha female) was humping another small dog (yes, one of her finer qualities). I usually don't say anything but it seemed to be making some people uncomfortable so I went to her and told her to get off.

Someone asked if it was a dominance thing. I started to say, "Yeah, she just needs..." One man cut me off, "Looks like she needs a strap-on." [oh no! he did NOT just say that]

To confirm what I tried desperately to deny, the woman sitting next to him winked at me and said, "Don't we all?" [Help, I've been shot]

I was stunned. I had no idea what to do. I could feel the blood flushing my face. I think I blacked out for a minute while I gathered my muddy pack in hopes of making a quick get-away.

I got to the gate and when I turned around to leash them up, there was one missing.

Behold Hunny still across the park, like a bucking bronco.

Instead of going to her and risking more humiliation I yelled, "Hunny COME!"

Purple. Yep. The color of my face went form red to purple in .006 seconds.

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